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Dangerous Foods You Should Quickly Abstain From If You Are Obessed With Them

The beauty of Mortality and Life is quite enchanting but sometimes the food we consume plays a vital role in the destruction of lives.

The quest we deploy to satisfy our appetite has been incredible and this is why some have gone to the dimension of consuming dangerous foods.

Most foods are attractive and very satisfying to consume but at the same dimension slowly damage the body system.

Due to the vital knowledge circling these foods people are denied of many victims has suffered severe health complications that even resulted in death.

We shall in detail fish out these dangerous foods and discuss their effect on human health status.

Apple Seeds 

Apple fruit is considered globally as one of the most notorious fruits or food prepared and consumed in several dimensions because of its healthful benefits that consist of antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fibre.

However, despite the view of this Apple have five seed pockets, with varying numbers of seeds in each pocket. These seeds are profiled as dangerous by the medical team because of their content ‘Amygdalin’.

‘Amygdalin’ is identified as the fruit defensive chemical which is quite harmless when it’s intact. Most victims of the Amygdalin poisonous effect are food addicts who love to explore beyond measure. This is because Apple seeds are meant not to be chewed but they often chew them.

When chewed the Amygdalin will degrade into hydrogen cyanide. This hydrogen cyanide is dangerous and would become more toxic ranging from the number of seeds chewed by a victim.

Just like the dangerous effect of the venom of blue-ringed octopus, a high volume of hydrogen cyanide can cause instant death to its victim. When Amygdalin degrades into hydrogen cyanide inside Its victim’s body, it will cause anxiety, headaches, dizziness and confusion. These symptoms occur if the volume is low in the victim’s body. If the volume is vast the victim will likely experience unconsciousness, high blood pressure, paralysis, and coma that may lead to death.

The risk is high in infants than in adults because the toxicity also varies with the weight and cholesterol available in the victim’s body.

If you are consuming any apple of your choice, do be sure that you deter from chewing its seeds.


Elderberries are globally credited because of their massive health benefits. They are adored for being one of the world’s foods that mysteriously heal cough and Flu just after possible consumption.

However, despite the beauty of this, they can be highly dangerous to human health and its control. This is because people are often ignorant and illiterate to know that elderberries must be cooked before they should be consumed by anyone.

Uncooked elderberries can cause severe Diarrhea Stomachache and Abdominal cramping if consumed excessively at any proportion.

These are identified as its minor negative effects as the medical teams have announced that elderberry contains cyanogenic glycoside (cyanide). This poison is often released in its victim’s body which will likely thrust illness that may lead to death.

Infants, pregnant and breastfeeding women are highly prohibited to consume both cooked and raw elderberries.


The popular food attained from seeds that grow in Indonesia is another food you should totally avoid because of its dangerous effects.

Despite that it is credited globally for its health benefits, the medical team has warned the public mass to deter from consuming nutmegs.

Nutmeg has been highly thwarted because it destroys the nervous system. This happens when one of the ingredients identified as myristicin act according to nature. This produces a hormone known as norepinephrine that floods the brain and will cause hallucinations in victims. It can also result in massive counts of mental illness.

Nutmegs also cause nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and agitation in their victims who had consumed a vast number of them. You are advised to get rid of them.

Green Potatoes 

Green Potatoes also have been pictured by the medical team as a dangerous food because of their poisonous content.

They contain Solanine which is considered a neurotoxin that dangerously influences the body to an extent that it leads to neurological problems which can also lead to death.

Naturally, Green Potatoes produces Solanine with no intention to harm its consumers but to protect itself from pests that may attack them.

However, this effect likely haunts humans. When exposed to sunlight, Green Potatoes produce enough Solanine that will cause severe headache and other dangerous symptoms that leads to death.

Raw Kidney Beans 

Raw Kidney Beans are also termed poisonous foods because of the lectin and other ingredients found in them.

They are considered dangerous when they are not cooked or properly cooked. It is disclosed by the medical teams as a basic food to avoid because it can cause death.

Only a few uncooked nor none properly cooked raw kidney beans can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting in its victims which may likely lead to death.

Rhubarb Leaves

Everyone knows how important, vegetables play a big role in the human race’s health status. This is why a vast number of these are consumed daily by food enthusiasts.

Just like how charming and greenish other vegetables are, we have been able to record massive counts of death results caused by Rhubarb leaves because they are often consumed as a vegetable.

Rhubard leaves contain oxalic acid mostly found in plants that cause kidney stones and most times Kidney failure which may result in death. The medical team has warned the public mass to deter from consuming the poisonous vegetable because of its health hazards.

Bitter Almonds 

Bitter Almonds are another poisonous food prepared as a delicacy by many before which has deployed havoc on the human race.

They contain a toxic substance known as amygdalin which is highly poisonous to human health status.

When consumed by a ravenous person, the substance amygdalin will turn into poisonous hydrocyanic acid (HCN) in the body. This HCN will attack the nervous system, slows it down and cause severe breathing problems which may lead to death.

You are advised to avoid all these toxic foods so as to maintain a well-refined health status.

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