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10 Most Watched Music Videos In History

10 Most Watched Music Videos In History
10 Most Watched Music Videos In History

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Pop culture has quickly risen in fame and has a considerable following. The catchy beats and mesmerizing lyrics seem to captivate the fans a lot. It is combined with amazing videos. Pop music has some of the most watched music videos on youtube—a popular music streaming site. It features music videos with the most views—some with more than a billion streams.

1. Baby Shark Dance –Pinkfong Kids’ Song And Stories

It is a catchy song about a family of sharks. Its origin is said to be from an old campfire chant or song popular for kids while on camping schools in the summer. Many versions have emerged, but the most popular video is the one labeled the baby shark dance. It has a worldwide streaming number count of over 3.3 billion streams. 

2. Despacito

– Luis Fonsi Ft Daddy Yankee

The song rose to the top of this list in 2017. It demonstrated two qualities of the popular streaming site YouTube. First, this streaming site’s popularity continually increases as each day passes. There was a period when nobody would ever thought that it would ever come to overtake the popular song Gangnam Style. It was the first Spanish song in the billboard top 100 in 20 years.

3. Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

The artist was a significant success in 2017; no matter where you went, an Ed Sheeran song seemed to play. He even got a chance to perform a cameo role in the popular TV series “Game Of Thrones.” The song was released on January 6, 2017, as a digital download. He incorporated it in his third studio album. It topped the singles chart in 44 countries. At the 60th Grammys, the song was nominated for the best solo performance.

4. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa Ft Charlie Puth

The song was number one on the charts from July 10 to August 4, 2017. The video also broke Gangnam Style’s famous top slot performance. But it only lasted for 25 days before Despacito overtook the song. The main attribute to the song’s success was the theme song for the famous blockbuster movie Fast 7. It was a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker, a protagonist in the film before his demise.

5. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars

The song topped the charts for 14 consecutive weeks at position number one on the Billboard charts and in a few other countries. In 2015 it was the best-selling single. It won the record of the year alongside two Grammys. Before venturing into any streaming site, it is always important to focus on the security of your data while browsing should be your number one priority. That is why you should have a VPN. There is a vpn google. There is also a vpn for the chrome browser for those using chrome. For those using other browsers, there are vpn extensions also available. Most people often use chrome. There are also VPN Chrome extensions available. For some vpn, you need a vpn installer. A VeePN can enable you to access content that was locked in your country. Most vpn come with a free trial. But there are also 1click vpn available on the internet.

6. Gangnam Style – Psy

Before Adelle’s, Hello passed, this song held the record for the fastest video to reach a billion views on youtube. It still has the history of the video that created the most chatter.

7. Sugar – Maroon 5

Released on January 13, 2015, as part of Maroon 5’s 5th studio album, the song immediately hit number 2 on the Billboard charts. The video directed by David Dobkin emulates the movie wedding crashers, which they used as a source of inspiration.

8. Sorry – Justin Bieber

It is no surprise that Justin is one of youTube’s most famous artists. His videos rake in a lot of views quickly. He is a hit among the young generation, especially among girls.

9. Roar – Katy Perry

The video of Katy in the jungle made this song an instant hit. It was the leading single for her 2013 album. The lyrics’ primary focus is on self–empowerment. It was classified as a diamond making Katy the first artist to receive three diamond awards.

10. Counting Stars – OneRepublic

Counting Stars hit is an American pop rock song performed by one republic in 2013. This song emerged as the leading song in many countries including the United Kingdom and Canada, where over one million copies were sold.


What Is The Most Watched Music Video Of All Time?

Despacito holds this record. The song by Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has more than seven billion views. It is enormous, considering that the earth has a population of seven point five billion.

What Is The Most Powerful Music Video?

Michael Jackson’s thriller holds this title. The amount of patience and time it took to create this video is exceptional, and the execution was on point.

Final Thought

What Is The Fastest Video To Reach 1 Billion Views? Adelle’s Hello holds this record. It only took 87 days to surpass this margin. We hope you have gained more knowledge on the most popular youtube songs. Most top music videos are more engaging to the viewers. But a quick reminder is that you should always ensure your data is safe by using a VPN. 

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