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9 Incredible Tips On How To Succeed In Music Production In 2021

9 Incredible Tips on how to Succeed in Music Production in 2021
9 Incredible Tips on how to Succeed in Music Production in 2021

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Are you interested in learning how to succeed in music production in 2021? Would you be interested in a career in the music business? Let’s discuss this fascinating area of the entertainment industry.

How to succeed in music production is one of the most important but commonly questioned issues.

Nevertheless, 2020 was a crucial year for music. The pandemic was largely to blame for the unrest, and the industry’s typical growth was closely tied to it.

Since you are reading this, I will assume that you want to have a successful career as a music producer. Fantastic if it is the case! You are in the proper location.  By the end of this guide, the road to success should be apparent in 2021.

Do not misunderstand me…  Although there isn’t a magic solution that can substitute hard work, there are methods you may do to concentrate on generating the best “blast.”

After all, focusing on errors when they are wrong is the primary cause of failure. You can avoid the common mistakes made by inexperienced music producers by using this advice.

Some claim that creating music is an art, but the “art” comes second, after earning a living. You must take more steps if you want to succeed musically this year.

How To Succeed In Music Production In 2021

  • What does success mean to you?
  • Set more goals related to your success
  • Focus and eliminate distractions
  • Practice, practice, and more practice
  • Creative stimulation
  • Collect the tech that you need
  • Continued Learning
  • Develop and maintain relationships
  • Build a brand and reputation

1. What does success mean to you?

First, decide and specify what your definition of success in 2021 for music production is. You won’t be able to measure your progress if you don’t.

Depending on who you are and how long you’ve been in production, your definition of success will vary. Success means different things to different people. Here are some illustrations of what individuals perceive success to be.

2. Set one or more goals related to your idea of ​​success.

You can set one or more goals based on that concept once you’ve determined what success means to you. Make them more significant than you would want, but not so big that they become either a) impossible to you or b) impossible to achieve. You shouldn’t, for instance, make a goal to “partake in Burning Man Day in six months” if your production has just begun.

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Similarly, just because this is the “height of success in music production” for many individuals, don’t make it your mission to travel the world. It requires a lot of labor and involves sacrifices and weaknesses. Once more, your objective must be connected to the concept of success.

3. Focus and eliminate distractions.

Regardless of your actions, you will be despised and ridiculed (by others and yourself). This might be exhausting and frightening, but having a compelling “why” will support you when things become tough. If you are entirely honest with yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are selfish or not.

4. Practice, practice, and more practice

Simple to say, difficult to put into practice. The greatest intentions may fade after months, weeks, or even days. How do you attack? Make a plan for your work and follow it. The scheduled time for production. Calendared training schedule. Network era. Check out my book “Become a music creator” for tips on how to develop foolproof strategies, routines, and workflows.

5. Creative stimulation

You don’t need to say much other than the fact that you want to accomplish your goals for music production this year. To keep yourself engaged and fun, it would be beneficial if you were regularly inspired and stimulated.

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So, listen to the most diverse music types, get to know other art forms, live, fall in love, go out, and have fun! Sitting in front of the screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rolling through the 326 sample steps will not make this creative flow. Keeping up with musical trends will also foster creativity.

6. Collect the tech that you need.

You need the tech ingredients to begin, just like with any form of art. What are these technological elements? Samples, a soft synthesizer, a DAW, speed, and inventiveness are all required.

The authentic music synthesizer plug-ins are capable of producing some amazing sounds. You don’t need the newest sample pack to create music of the highest caliber, yet having some low-quality samples might make life very tough.

To become motivated, you can certainly obtain some fresh examples or patches, but you shouldn’t erroneously believe that you must first obtain a fresh sample package. Simply learn how to maximize what you already have.

7. Continued Learning

You must make time to pick up new skills if you want to succeed this year, whether you want to learn how to promote your product, produce a specific sound or effect on YouTube, or enroll in a music production course.

In addition, your ambitions are not great enough if you don’t require new talents to accomplish them!

The benefit of ongoing education is that interest levels remain high. In addition, if you don’t develop and pick up new techniques, your music will become predictable and you’ll become weary of making it. Believe me. The majority of producers and I experienced this repeatedly. Thankfully, it is reversible. Make a commitment to yourself to learn and grow.

8. Develop and maintain relationships.

If your plan for success involves more than just creating your favorite song, it will involve other people. Additionally, this might be your audience, coworkers, friends, singers, songwriters, businesspeople, agents, record label executives, etc. It takes talent to establish and sustain connections, and sometimes that involves venturing outside of our comfort zone.

9. Build a brand and reputation.

It is beneficial to build the brand from the start, even though I do not believe that new producers should focus on the website or logo instead of learning their trade.


If you’re trying to become a music producer in 2021, I hope the aforementioned advice will help you find the solution to how to be successful in the field.


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