A glowing skin 5 secrete sources you may not know


The skin is beautiful and also one of the most important parts of the body which should be taken care of on our daily basis.

However, sometimes, many people are denied some necessary knowledge about the skin which in turn has ruined their skin.


You should be endowed with this knowledge to keep a wealthy skin and boost your melanin.

Before we head to the main points, we would have to discuss barely the skin as outlined by our professional biologists.

What is the skin? 


The human skin is the outermost cells covering the whole body which provides protection and receives sensory impulses or stimuli from the environment. They are also one of the parts of the body which determines the complexion of a being. It could be chocolate, dark, fair and white.

Skin is made of three layers, namely; The Epidermis, the outermost layer that we can see with our naked eyes. They often called the most protective layer because they are consist of stratum corneum. The Dermis, the second layer just below the Epidermis which function as a support to the Epidermis_ strengthen the Epidermis. Then finally, the subcutis. The subcutaneous layer of fat provides nutrient for the two upper layers, the epidermis and the dermis.

The skin is often engulfed with hairs but not wholly as of mammals. However, in some region, they grow recklessly showing the sign of sexual abilities_ this always erupts during puberty. The areas they grow profusely are called the “Epigamic areas” 

The skin in various ways assists to keep up with the 100% rate of body efficiency by involving thoroughly in nervous coordination. The skin is supplied with many nerve fibres which are connected to the brain. This helps it to detect the stimuli in its environment and receive impulses to the brain. Our skin detects the temperature of the environment and transfers the information to the brain for action. When someone is flogged with a cane, it’s the work of the skin to transfer the impulse to the brain for other processes which will be condoned by the brain.

Some of the reasons why we react very rapid to the stimuli of pain are because its nerve fibres are staked almost in between the layers of the Epidermis and Dermis. It’s very close to the outer layer.

Having known some minor clues about the skin, it’s a high time we discuss the necessary knowledge about the vigilance of the skin. If you muse to know some secrete ways to take care of your skin, check out below and thrill to the knowledge.

A glowing skin 5 secrete sources you may not know

Bath regularly


Bathing regularly assists in removing dead skin cells which are sometimes labelled as dirt so to help clear the pores for proper skin functions.

Victims of the dearth of regular bathing often experience multiple skin irritation and diseases because skin microorganisms are favoured amidst the dearth of regular bathing.

Microorganisms that live on the skin are labelled generally as Skin flora. It’s also confirmed that they are almost in number, the same as human cells. They are always bacteria. The multiple numbers of microorganisms that hunt the skin have so far professed regular bathing necessary. This is because regular bathing washes away bacterias present on the skin providing smooth and healthy skin.

Microorganism also thrust body odour from their activities. Victims of the dearth of regular bathing are 90% wholly exposed to body odour because the microorganisms on their skin are encouraged to perform their activities.

Strive for healthy skin by taking your bath three times daily. Help your skin today.

Evade from multiple exposures to heavy sun heats or rays. 


This is one of the major skin destroyers many are refuted the knowledge of its danger. You could age pretty much older than your age if you expose your skin to the sun always.

It’s often important to stay away from the sun because the sun rays are extremely powerful and will defeat your skin cells after they have defended their efficiency so as to fit into how nature staked it to function.

The sun rays capacity can destroy the dermis which may, in turn, darken the skin or develop cancer.

If you dream of glowing and healthy skin, stay away from the sun especially heavy sun rays.

Consume a lot of water 


Enough consumption of water helps in softening the skin and keeps it moist. A being who consume a lot of water tends to develop glowing skin. This is because enough water maintains the optimal body temperature thereby providing the body with enough hydration.

Sometimes, when the body dehydrates the body would need enough water so to correspond with the suitable homeostasis. In a situation whereby the victim drinks less water, the skin may wrinkle and look awful because they have lost water.

Consume enough water and maintain healthy glowing skin. It’s never a big deal to consume water. Consume at least 7ltres daily.

Abstain from bleaching creams 


Bleaching creams are one of the reasons why many skins darken and age pretty much earlier than supposed.

Victims of bleaching creams often experience awful results like stretch marks and the redness of the skin. This would make your skin very weak to an extent that some cells will die off. Victims of bleaching cream are 90% exposed to skin cancer.

Here are some side effect of bleaching creams


Dermatitis is a general name for skin irritation. Bleaching cream often exposes the skin to multiple skin irritations. You just have to abstain from bleaching creams.


Acne is a skin disease that is mostly caused by bleaching creams. This is because bleaching creams are consist of corticosteroids that causes steroid acne. They often invade the chest and the back.

Avoid strong soaps 


Medicated strong soaps are in no doubt beneficial but are also very dangerous because they dry the oils present on the skin.

Dehydrated skin may erupt when one involves in constant use of strong soaps which is one of the main sources of dry skin.

If you muse to keep healthy and glowing skin, abstain from strong soaps. They are the main source of dehydration.



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