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All You Need to Know About Female led Relationships

All You Need to Know About Female led Relationships

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All You Need to Know About Female-led Relationships

A female-led relationship, or “FLR“, is a type of heterosexual relationship where the woman has more control or power than the man does. In some cases, a female-led relationship can also mean full authority.

In this post, we are going to direct you on all you need to know about Female led Relationships, and how to Build Female led Relationships.


Most women in this kind of relationship lead and make decisions that would benefit them, their partners, and their kids.

Both emotional and physical intimacy between a man and a woman gives rise to a strong sense of attachment and deep love but when this comes in this gives room for conflict and disrespect to the man.

However, the woman exerts more control over her male partner. She makes all decisions, including household tasks, finance, and social events. Mostly, women like FLR because it allows them to control things according to their wishes.

Is a female-led relationship healthy?

In some cases, it is absolutely possible to have a healthy FLR if both partners follow a set of rules. As couples strive for more fluidity around their sexuality, they also tend to do this consciously and with care.
It is difficult for men to keep taking the lead, whether in conversations or decisions while you are together. Having a woman who does not shy away from taking the lead and initiating at different levels is a major turn-on for a man and makes a woman instantly more desirable in his eyes.

Female led Relationships

What are the symptoms of showing a female-led relationship

Whenever you see all these symptoms that are listed out, it’s their cause of a female-led relationship in a marriage or relationship.

  • The woman is the breadwinner and may make all the financial decisions. This could also include providing an allowance for the man.
  • The woman makes decisions about when and how the couple has sex.
  • Both partners are equal in their everyday lives, but the male is submissive in the bedroom.
  • The woman makes the decisions in the relationship, and the man obeys her requests.
  • It can mean that the woman’s needs – whether sexual or emotional – take precedence. So her thoughts, feelings, needs, and pleasure come first in the relationship.
  • When it comes to chores, the man takes most of the responsibility. If the couple has children, it could also mean that the man does most of the childcare.

Some any be asking why women seek a female-led relationship. In such a relationship, a woman is in the dominant position, enjoying authority over her partner, and the man is considered a submissive partner.

Some women like a female-led relationship because they get to control things, from finances to kitchen management.

Women also get the opportunity to mold a man to whoever she wants him to be. Imagine creating your ideal man and ensuring that he meets your expectations.

There is a lack of power struggle in such relationships, so there is more peace and minimal stress or tension.
A man who willingly agrees to a female-led relationship won’t mind being dominated.

He might even love his woman better, as she is the one taking care of everything he would otherwise worry about.


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