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Interesting facts about the Book of Exodus

Interesting facts about the Book of Exodus

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Interesting facts about the Book of Exodus-

In this book contains the summary of the Israelites in Egypt, the Exodus and wanderings, the Covenant at Sinai, the apostasy of the people and renewal of the Covenant, and instructions on building the Tabernacle and their execution.

Exodus is the second book in the Torah, or Pentateuch, of the Hebrew Bible.

The name Exodus was derived from Septuagint (Greek) meaning to designate the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and their safe passage through the Red Sea. A Greek word meaning “departure” or “a way out.

It has three main parts: “liberation” (Jews freed from Egypt), “covenant” (God gives them the Ten Commandments), and “tabernacle” (God provides blueprints for a temple in His honor).

book of exodusIsrael’s sojourn in Egypt took place from about 1900-1400 B.C. and this covers the period from the arrival of Jacob in Egypt (1875 B.C.) to the erecting of the Tabernacle in the wilderness some 431 years later. (1445 B.C.).

After the death of Joseph, the scene begins in pain, Israelites became slaves in the land of Egypt (Exodus 1–2),

Exodus begins with the death of Joseph and the ascension of a new pharaoh “who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8). The pharaoh becomes concerned by the number and strength of Israelites in Egypt and enslaves them, commanding them to build at two “supply” or “store cities” called Pithom and Rameses (Exodus 1:11).

Israelites lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years, then set the stage for the divine rescue of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery through the leadership of Moses (Exodus 3–15), their initial journey into the wilderness to the divine mountain (Exodus 16–18)

Moses was the son of Amram, a prominent Jewish leader.

How many chapters and verses contain Exodus?

Book of Exodus is the third longest book of the Torah, it has 1213 verses, 40 chapters, and 32,692 words. Some chapters are substantially longer than others and contain more verses.

10 facts about Exodus

  • On Passover, Jews Celebrate 3,330+ Years Since the Exodus.
  • The Egyptian Exile Lasted 210 Years.
  • The Jewish People Were Slaves in Egypt for 116 Years
  • Moses Was the Hero who made it all happen.
  • It Took Ten Plagues Before Pharaoh Freed the Israelites.
  • During the Tenth Plague, Pharaoh Went Searching for Moses

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Why is Exodus important today?

Exodus shows us the God who is concerned with saving his people. God is working, often in the background and beyond our knowing, to save us in ways we could never imagine. As you read Exodus, pay attention to how God saves his people each step along the way.

What is the main message of the Book of Exodus?

One of the most important themes of Exodus is how God delivered the Israelites and made them His special people. After He rescued them from slavery, God provided the Law, which gave instructions on how the people could be consecrated or made holy.

Who wrote Exodus

Moses is the author of Exodus. He was raised in the royal court of Egypt by Pharaoh’s daughter, but he left this place of privilege “to suffer affliction with the people of God” (Hebrews 11:25).

What is the significance of Exodus for the Israelites and for us?

In the Bible, the Exodus is frequently mentioned as the event that created the Israelite people and forged their bond with God, being described as such by the prophets Hosea, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.


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