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Effective Ways How to Get Over a Crush

How do I stop crushing on my crush?

Effective Ways How to Get Over a Crush

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Effective Ways How to Get Over a Crush – 

Getting over your crush is actually not as easy as you think, but doesn’t mean you can’t. it is understandable to try and get over your crush especially how painful it is being an unreciprocated love.

In this article, I’m going to give you tips and steps on how to get over the unreciprocated one-sided love

Accept your feelings

The first step to getting over a crush is to admit it. denying romantic feelings at first is actually common, most especially if you’re crushing on a good friend, your boss, or anyone you regard out of reach

Accepting your feelings are important first step in the healing and moving on process.

Denying and pushing away your feelings can prevent you from working through them in effective ways. Rather, they might linger, causing more heartache.

Reflect and Accept

Reflecting and accepting the reality is actually a good way to get over your crush, try to understand that having a crush is absolutely normal and you are not a failure for not being noticed.

Take your time and accept the reality.

 Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself time is a very crucial step to healing, don’t force and speed yourself up into getting over your crush as it’s not as easy as you think.

like our first step, you have to reminisce your feelings and decide if you are ready or not, it’s gonna take time so don’t be in haste.

 Think about how the crush is affecting you

You might think it’s weird but it’s actually better to think if they’re affecting you in a good or bad way, you might crush on them simply because you find them attractive but how are they affecting you? do they speak to you rudely or disrespectfully or in any type of way you don’t like then it’s going to help you want to move on from the quickly.

Express Yourself

Figuring out ways to express yourself can actually be nice and therapeutic and also a good way to get over your feelings. For example, writing it down, and talking it out to a friend or family member, might sound crazy but expressing yourself to your crush can help ease the pain as you can get closure.

Try Not to Obsess

You should try to not focus on the pains over and over again. This can make it harder to not lose feelings for the crush. In other words, you might feel stuck like you are on a loophole.

Distract yourself

Distracting yourself is a very nice way to get over your feelings, you can do so by doig things you love like travelling, painting, studying or any other activity you find as a distractions.

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Separate yourself from your crush

Geting far away from your crush is a valid way to get over them, most of the crushes are people near you as you developed that crush from seeing them often. you might travel and distance yourself from them and with time you might get over them or meet a new lover.

 Focus on yourself

You have to stop thinking and focusing on them always, channel that energy to yourself by doing most things you like.

Limit Contact

Though its not easy but actually limiting contacts with them is a good way, if you called them often or talked often its best to limit it as it helps your feelings detoriate.

Don’t Haunt Them on Social/ Stalk them

Always checking the socials should be stopped as it amkes it harder to let go. Stalking them physically doesn’t help either, so its best to not do these as to speed up your healing process.

 Don’t take friendship as a settlement/ consolation

If your crush decides to be friends with you as a consolation for rejecting you its best to decline for the sake of your mental health.


In conclusion, Getting over your crush is a gradualprocess that will take time but eventually you will get over it.

I wish you the best in your journey and i hope this article helps ou. Share with your friends who might need this.

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