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Getting your partner’s name tattooed?why you should drop the idea

Why is it bad to tattoo your partner's name?

Getting your partner’s name tattooed

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Getting your partner’s name tattooed? Why you should drop the idea – 

Getting a tattoo of your lover’s name may seem and sound romantic, but won’t you regret it? yes, it’s nice to think you and your partner are a forever deal, but what if that doesn’t work out? what will you do about the name tattooed permanently on your body? tattoo removals are common nowadays but do you really want to spend your time, emotions, pains, and especially money doing that?

Now here are more reasons why you should reconsider this idea

Don’t Mistake a Tattoo as a Real Sign of Commitment or True Love

For whatsoever reason, you shouldn’t think getting your partner’s name tattooed is an act of love and that would make the relationship permanent just like the tattoo is permanent. If your partner is forcing you to do that for them pls decline to avoid regrets later on. you should let them know that a tattoo doesn’t define your love or that not getting it makes your love for them less, it’s best to know that there are other ways to prove your love.

 If you are inspired by celebrities

You should ask yourself first if you are doing this because your favorite celebrity did it for their partner and then you want to do it, or because you want to please your partner.

Your New Partner Will Never Like a Tattoo of Your Ex on Your Body

You should know that there might be a chance you won’t be with your partner forever, especially if you are still young. If by any chance you happen to end up with another person trust me your new partner won’t like the tattoo and that will cause a strain on your new relationship and others to come.

Ask yourself why you want to do this

Sit yourself down and ask yourself a series of questions before going through with this, is it to please your partner, prove your love to your partner, or the world, because your partner wants you to then it’s advised not to do it.

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This tattoo may scare your partner

Have you talked to your partner about it? not everyone finds someone tattooing their name, initials, or face on their body cute, it’s actually scary thinking about it. you can’t just go and tattoo your partner’s name without knowing their opinion on it, I mean it’s about them, right? then they should know.

A Name Tattoo Will Stop You From Moving on if You Break up With Him or Her

Moving on with their name will be the hardest for you, you’d be trying to heal then you look at the mirror or your body and their name is just there on your body staring at you, and then you are back to square one bawling and crying, hurting and feeling sad all over again.

Tattoo removal is expensive and painful

Getting a tattoo is so painful and expensive and you don’t want to go through it again to remove it after the breakup, it’s much worse if you have low pain tolerance, you should consider this idea. You can’t be dealing with emotional pain, tattoo removal pain, and cost pain at the same time.

Your Friends Will Make Fun of You if You Break up Afterward

Getting made fun of by strangers is less painful than your friends and family, you will become a laughingstock when they find out you guys broke up after the tattoo and everything, I’d laugh too if I were them cause that was definitely a bad idea.

In conclusion

The idea of getting a lover tattooed might sound romantic and enticing but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages so the idea shouldn’t be enforced, what will you tell your kids when they ask about it in the future?

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