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Great Names For Your Cool Aunt

What are names to call your aunt?

Great Names For Your Cool Aunt

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Great Names For Your Cool Aunt – 

Nicknames are a way to show someone how much they mean to you, it can show if you love them or not, most aunts are good and deserve the best, you want to give your aunt a nickname but you don’t know what to call her, then this article is for you

Cute Names For Aunts

  • Aunt Pooh
  • Ashley
  • Bibi
  • Tati
  • Tauntee
  • Nan
  • Nee Nee
  • Ti Ti
  • Neni
  • Snuggly
  • Amma
  • Cookie
  • Amber
  • Emma
  • Sarah

Nicknames by First Name


Allison – Aunite Al, “Alli”gator, A.A.

Abigail – Aunt Abs, Abby

Andrea – Drea, Aunt Andie, Aunt An


Brenda – Be-Be, Ren, Auntie B

Brittney – Ni-Ni, Brit-bear, Auntie Bee-Nee

Bianca – Bi, Auntie Anca, Aunt Bia


Clara – Lara, A.C., Aunt C.

Charlotte – Char, Lotte, Aunt Charlie

Christina – Ki-Ki, Aunt Tina, Auntie Chrissy


Danielle – Dee, Auntie Elle, Danny

Dina – Dina”saur, “Auntie Di, Dina-Doll

Delores – Aunt Dee Dee, Aunt Lor, Auntie Lori


Elizabeth – Liz, EB, Lib

Eileen – Lee-Lee, E.I., Lina

Ella – Elle-Belle, Aunt La, Auntie E


Francesca – Chess, Frannie, Frankie

Flora – Flo, Fo-Fo, Lora

Felicity – Cee-Cee, Aunt Fel, Liss


Georgia – Gia, Aunt George, Joey

Gabriella – Gabby, Ella, Bree

Gwyneth – Gwynnie, Aunt Winnie, Win


Hannah – Aunt Banana, Hans, Aunt Ana

Hillary – Hill, Auntie Lar, Hilly

Harper- Harp, Aunt Per, Aunt Hap


Isabella – Aunt Izzy, Aunt Bel, Auntie Isa

India – Innie, Dia, Indy

Imogen – Immy, Aunt Ginny, Auntie Og


Jennifer – Jenny, Jen, Aunt Fi

Julie – A.J. (for Aunt Julie,) Jules, Aunt Li

Jacinda – Aunt Jes, Cinny, Jacks


Kelly – Kel, Kel-Bel, Aunt Elly

Kristin – Kris, Tin-Tin, Krissy

Kendall – Kenny, Aunt Ken, Auntie Dall


Lillian – Lilly, Lil, Lils

Lauren – Lo, Rennie, Laurie

Louisa – Lou, Lulu, Lucy


Madeline -Lina, Leenie, Mady

Maddison – Maddie, Dis, Mads

Melanie – Mel, Lanie, Nee-Nee


Nicolette – Aunt Nic, Nicky, Lette

Nadine – Aunt Di-Di, Naddy, Dina

Noelle – Nono, Elle, Ella


Olivia – Livs, Olie, Vi

Olive – Livey, Evie, Ollie

Odette – Odie, Etta, Ods


Penelope – Nell, Pippa, Lola

Patricia – Patty, Pats, Patty Cakes

Paulina – Paulie, Lina, Lin


Quinn – Quinny, Inny, Auntie Q

Quinlyn – Queenie, Lyn Quinn


Rebecca – Becca, Aunt Rebs, Rebi

Roselyn – Aunt Rose, Aunt Lyn, Sellie

Regina – Reggie, Ginny, Gina


Sarah – Aunt Rah, Ser, Ser-Bear

Stephanie – Steph, Auntie Annie, Fanny

Samantha – Aunt Sam, Ammy, Mana


Tiffany – Aunt Tif, Fanny, Tiffy

Teresa – Tre, Terry, Aunt Tess

Tabitha – Tabby, Aunt Bith, Auntie Bi


Uma – Ah-Ma, Ummie

Ursula – Usi, Sula, La-La


Victoria – Tori, Rhea, Vicki

Valentina – Auntie Val, Tina, Ti-Ti

Valerie – Aunt Val, Ler-Lie, Ree


Winona – Aunt Ninny, Nona, Winnie

Willow – Aunt Lo, Auntie Illie, Will

Wanda – Aunt Wannie, Auntie An, Andie


Xena – Xi, Aunt Ena

Xandra – Aunt Dral, Auntie Ande, An


Yolanda -Yo-Yo, Aunt Lan, Aunt Yo

Yvette – Aunt Vee, Vette, Evie

Yoanna – Anna, Aunt Yo, Yoa


Zara – Aunt Zar, Auntie Ar, Ara

Zoey – Zoe Bear, Zoe, Aunt Az

Zinnia -Zin, Nia, Aunt Innie

Best Nicknames For Aunt

  • Ant-ie
  • Faunt/ Fant (Fun Aunt)
  • Aunna
  • Me-me
  • Aunnie
  • Mom-Ty (Mom and Aunty)
  • Aunt X (first letter of the first name)
  • Sister Mommy
  • Aunty
  • Sis-tie (Sister and Auntie)
  • Bella
  • Tee-tee
  • Bes-ty (Best friend and Aunty)
  • Ti
  • Bubby
  • Ti-Ti

Aunt Nicknames In Different Languages

  • Aintín (Irish)
  • θεíα or Theia (Greek)
  • Teta (Lithuanian)
  • Tetka (Bosnian/Russian/Serbian)
  • Teyze (Turkish)
  • Tante
  • Tantchen
  • Herzliche Tante (kind aunt)
  • Großtante (great-aunt)
  • Lieblingstante (favorite aunt)
  • Lustige Tante (funny aunt)
  • Tante (German/French)
  • Tiya – Filipino
  • Tia (Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Shangazi – Swahili
  • Zia (Italian)
  • Zietta
  • Zia anziana (elder aunt)
  • Zia più giovane (young aunt)
  • Zia preferita (favorite aunt)
  • Zia amorevole (loving aunt)
  • Zia Divertente (funny aunt)
  • Zia materna (maternal aunt)
  • Zia paterna (paternal aunt)
  • Titka (Ukrainian)
  • Tädi (Estonian)
  • Néni (Hungarian)
  • Moster (Swedish)
  • Tia
  • Tía divertida (fun aunt)
  • Tía favorita (favorite aunt)
  • Tía cariñosa (loving aunt)
  • Titi
  • Tía abuela (great-aunt)
  • Tía segunda (second aunt, often used for aunts on the father’s or mother’s side)
  • Tía mayor (elder or older aunt)
  • Tía pequeña (young aunt)
  • Tatie
  • Grande-tante (great-aunt)
  • Tante paternelle (paternal aunt)
  • Tante maternelle (maternal aunt)
  • Tatie cadette (younger aunt)
  • Tatie préférée (favorite aunt)
  • Tatie drôle (funny aunt)

Classic Nicknames For Aunt

  • Ann
  • Annie
  • Aunna
  • Aunty
  • Nayney
  • Nini
  • Tee-tee
  • Lovey
  • Aunty dearest
  • Familia Maven
  • Best

Clever Names for Mom or Mother

In conclusion

Choosing a nickname for an aunt should be done based on her character and the one suitable for her, you don’t have to take it seriously, because it is a nickname that can be changed.

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