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Ugochi Onuoha with the stage name Guchi is a fast-rising Nigerian singer and songwriter known for her hit single “Addicted”.

The young Nigerian songwriter and singer who is poorly known as Ugochi Onuoha in no doubt have proven her worth since she stroke the limelight in 2019 with her single “Addicted”.

Her early life was pretty much inspiring following how she remained focused and strived for her musical aspiration and career. She was born in Kaduna State but grew up in Abuja where she attained her Primary and secondary school educational qualification. She further acquired her higher educational qualification at the Lagos State University.

Guchi’s vocal qualities have been one of her key features why fame looked pretty much susceptible via her time schedules in the Nigerian music firm. Popularly, almost in the range of 1 million prominent upcoming artists struggle for fame every single year. But to the perspective of the young songwriter, she made it look easy and that was thrust by her vocal.

Moreover, she was a winner of Prestige Entertainment’s best female artiste in Abuja.

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