How to train your voice to sing better and higher

How to train your voice to sing better and higher
How to train your voice to sing better and higher

We hear the voices of our famous music artists, we all know how sweet it sounds. Many who doubted it’s a studio effect confirmed how attractive their voices are during their live shows. It sounds so amazing that people kept wondering what was behind such. There’s nothing much special, celebrities do some secrete measures and activities which 67% of the citizens don’t know about.

The famous musician whom you aspire to have his or her voice does something very extraordinary, secretly that improves her vocal quality which we don’t Know. There are exercises and foods which help in improving one’s vocals, there are also foods which destroy the quality. For a great voice, you need to know such foods and exercises. The famous music artists whom we aspire to have their voices don’t eat everything while we eat, they treat their voices every day while we don’t so their voices should be much attractive than ours.

Here are measures on how to train your voice to sing better and higher.

Drink a lot of water

Water is the major component that helps to give a healthy and accurate metabolism and homeostasis, when this is scarce it gives a weak one. There are many cells in our body and the vocal cord is also a cell, water is a nutrient and it improves cells, when the cells lack water it gives a low efficiency this is the main reason why we should consume much water at least 6ltr daily.

Eat a lot of fruits

Watery fruits like oranges, watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, and so on, also help in improving our vocals because they have a high volume of water and cellulose. Take at least five different fruits daily especially, watery fruits.

Sing in front of people

One doesn’t judge his vocal rather others do, when you are in the midst of people, willingly, sing loudly so as to know if anyone would commend your voice. From their comments, you would know how far you have gone with the improvement of your vocal. If their comments look not impressed it tells, you would have to work more on your vocal. When you don’t sing to people no one hears your voice.

Do A ‘Hop Hop’ exercise daily

It’s just a voice exercise which is done by just mentioning hop! hop! repeatedly. If you practice that, you would notice your vocal cord is stretched severally, this helps to make it more efficient and easier to scream while you sing. Many musicians do it privately.

Avoid Junk foods and snacks

It doesn’t mean you should avoid them entirely but don’t consume them excessively. Junk foods like coffee, biscuits, groundnut, and so on affect the vocal cords’ quality which makes it cracky sometimes. Make sure you abstain from them for a good voice.

Sing along with a lyrics

Good vibes also contribute to a sweet voice, if you can’t vibe it’s hard for your vocal to improve. The only way to be a perfect Viber is by listening to other lyrics songs and singing along with them. Listen to many songs, sing many songs. It improves the vocal.

Try Singing With Your voice

Every being has a specific voice but sometimes due to the fame of a particular music artist you try to sound like him or her, it’s so wrong because yours and his are not the same. When you sing with your voice you would know how far you have gone and how to improve them. Don’t sound like anyone, sound you.


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