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How to respect your wife

how to respect your wife

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The primary way to treat your wife with respect is to show her that she means the world to you. It should not only be done by word of mouth but by acting it out too. Love her in the way that she prefers to be loved. Always learn to listen to her even though you don’t have anything to contribute.

Treating your wife with respect is not a hard nut to crack. There are several ways that you can show that you respect your wife.

1. Don’t complain about her to third parties

If your wife finds out that you’ve been complaining about her to family, friends, acquaintances, etc., she might get pissed. She will get the notion that you don’t have respect for her.

If your wife offends you or she does something that doesn’t sit well with you, discuss it with her privately instead of washing her dirty linen outside. It is more respectful when you talk to her directly about any issue.

2. Celebrate her victories

If your wife hits a milestone, whether big or small, ensure you celebrate with her. Some spouses have the habit of not celebrating their partner’s victories, making the other party sad.

When your wife succeeds at something, it should be a period to celebrate instead of treating their wins as inconsequential. Learn to see your partner’s wins as your own, and they will see that you respect them.

3. Encourage her

Life comes with ups and downs. When we feel dejected, we need people to support and cheer us on. It is easier when you are married because you have a permanent cheerleader. However, not every woman enjoys the privilege of having a partner who encourages them at their lows.

When you notice a change in your woman’s disposition, do your best to motivate her and plant a smile on her face.

In such cases, it is not compulsory to solve her problem. All she needs is someone to be there for her while she tries to get over what makes her sad. This is one of the ways to respect your wife and show her that she means a lot to you.

4. Know when to give her space

No matter how well you love your wife, you don’t have to be over her every time. Occasionally, she will crave her space, and you need to respect her decision. She might not communicate this to you directly, but you can tell from her behavior, especially if you know her temperament.

The essence of keeping to your space is leveraging on the quietness and aloneness to unwind and get in touch with your true self. The hustle and bustle of work and other aspects of our life can make us develop a monotonous schedule. And one of the ways to break free is by enjoying the peace that comes with our space.

5. Learn how to have an open and honest communication

If you are not comfortable with what your wife is doing, it is best to have a clear conversation instead of giving her an attitude. One of the reasons couples experience conflict is some suppressed issues that they refuse to talk about. If your wife is doing what you don’t like, talk to her about it to avoid flaring up at her someday.

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6. Don’t shout at her

Nobody likes being shouted at because it is not a sign of respect. When you shout at someone, you indirectly compel or control them to bend to your will. Anyone who shouts at their wife doesn’t respect her. And if your friends or family discover that you shout at your wife, some of them might follow suit.

7. Don’t fight with your wife in front of your loved ones

Not all women know how to keep a conflict till they get home. The mistake some partners make is fighting with their wives in public, not minding the people there. When you quarrel with your wife in public, you might erroneously mention some unpleasant things about her that you should not have said.

To respect your wife the right way, don’t shout at her in front of friends, acquaintances, family and kids. Other people are likely to treat your wife the way you do. So, it is best to set the right example by treating her with respect.

8. Don’t hit her

When you physically assault a woman, it is a big sign that you don’t respect her. If you hit her, there is a chance that you might repeat it. This time, it would not be about what she did, but because of the way you perceive her.

One of the ways to show your wife respect is to avoid physical abuse in the relationship. A guiding rule you can use is to see your wife as a part of yourself. Therefore, since you cannot inflict pain on yourself, you should not beat your wife.

9. Allow your wife to speak her mind

When your wife has an opinion, hear her out. Don’t impose your decisions or choices on her every time. Even though her opinions don’t sound favorable, use a more pleasant tone to let her feel better. It is more appropriate to educate her constructively instead of making her feel dumb.

10. Don’t use derogatory remarks

When you are respecting your wife, don’t forget to use nice words. Your actions should reflect in your words when you are interacting with her. Avoid using offensive and discouraging statements that will make her feel bad.

11. Don’t cheat on her

Cheating on your wife is a sign that you don’t value your wife or respect her. When you cheat on your wife, you have violated the terms of your marriage, and she might not get to trust you again even if she forgives you. One of the strongest proofs of respecting your wife is remaining committed to her and not flirting with other individuals.

12. Let her pamper herself

Your wife needs to continually spoil herself so that she will continue to look desirable to you. Don’t always object to it when she wants to pamper herself, especially when you know she deserves it. If she does new hair or goes shopping, ensure you compliment her.

 13. Seek her opinion before making a decision

Another vital way on to treat your wife with respect is to consult her before you make your decisions. Remember that your wife is a core part of your life, even if those decisions are personal. So, always seek her consent before you finalize any decision.

14. Listen to her

Women love people who can listen to them. She probably has a lot of things to say, but you are not there for her. To show that you respect your wife, make sure you listen to her. You might not have anything worthwhile to contribute but ensure you listen to her.

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