In Lagos, the family of a lady murdered after boarding a BRT bus demands justice.

In Lagos, the family of a lady murdered after boarding a BRT bus demands justice.
In Lagos, the family of a lady murdered after boarding a BRT bus demands justice.

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The family of Ayanwole Oluwabamise, a 22-year-old fashion designer who was found dead in Lagos after boarding a BRT bus bound for Oshodi from the Chevron bus stop in Lekki, has sought justice.

The Ayanwola family decried the Nigeria Police and Lagos Bus Services Limited, LBSL, culpability in the case in a press conference held yesterday at the Right’s House, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos. Bamise’s elder sister, who is also an expectant mother, is presently hospitalized, according to them, owing to the anguish she had when she learned that her younger sister had been found dead.

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Bamise’s friends, who were in contact with her during the BRT voyage, are also in severe condition as a result of the loss, according to the family.

James Joel, the deceased’s older brother, who spoke on behalf of the family at the press conference, claimed it took the Nigeria Police 10 days to announce the body’s discovery, while it was discovered the same day she boarded the bus.

Lagos Police flung us about like rag dolls.

The incident was originally reported at Akinpelu Police Station, Maroko, and Ikeja, James added, describing the hardship the family went through in seeking for their loved one until her rotting body was discovered.

They were flung back and forth, which was unfortunate for them. “Our sister finished her apprenticeship in September 2021, got a job at Chevron in December, but died in February 2022,” he explained.

To make matters worse, the Nigerian police were aware that she had died the same day but remained silent until the media intervened.

“Bamise had a live discussion with two of her companions after boarding the bus on February 26, and the matter would have been swept under the rug if not for this forensic proof, since it took the Nigeria Police and LBSL over a week to reveal her location.”

“According to information available to us, she boarded the bus on Saturday, but when her whereabouts became unknown, we went to the Akinpelu Police Station to report the incident, but we were told that the incident scene did not fall under their jurisdiction, and we were referred to the Maroko Division.”

“Unfortunately, we were left to our destiny at Maroko Division, so we went looking for our missing sister in Area F, Ikeja, and other police stations.”

“On Sunday, we stepped up our search for our sister by visiting LSBL Yard in Ilupeju, Oyingbo, and the BRT terminal in Oshodi, where the bus was recognized as Bus code 257, but the driver, Nice Andrew, was nowhere to be seen.” To our astonishment, LSBL management did not appear to be concerned that one of its passengers had gone missing.

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“We got a tip that the bus was running down the axis on Monday, so we raced to LSBL, only to find out that the driver had reported for work that day.” We had a confrontation with LBSL security as a result of this, but we managed to keep the peace. A combatant squad from the Nigeria Police came at the premises, much to our dismay, but we were able to keep our emotions in check.

“When the police realized the problem couldn’t be ignored any longer, they sent out a message on Tuesday about our missing sister, which elicited pity from many Nigerians.”

“We were at a family gathering last Sunday when we saw on social media that a lady’s lifeless corpse had been discovered near Ebute-Ero/Carter bridge, and we dispatched delegates to the scene, only to learn it was our sister.”

“We immediately reported the incident to Ebute-Ero, where the Divisional Police Officer was kind. We could have been able to save our sister alive if he had been the one who looked after us in Akinpelu, Maroko, and Ikeja.

“The corpse was subsequently put in the morgue, but we are not in a rush to travel to the cemetery because we want the government to resolve the matter,” said the family.

“We then learned that our sister’s body was thrown on Cater/Ebete-Ero Bridge the same day she boarded the bus,” says the family. According to the information we had, a Sports Utility Vehicle was behind the BRT when our sister was dropped.

“At the moment she was discarded, she was believed to be pleading for help, but no one could gather around her for fear of being accused.”

“The police maintained the secret, which eventually made its way into the media, and when the press put pressure on him, the Police Public Relations Officer quickly drafted a press release.”

“It was determined that the driver had abandoned the location he registered with LSBL over a year ago, while his guarantor had quit his residence without the government’s permission.”

“A special adviser to the governor warned us that the bus service is a franchising program and may not be able to aid in establishing our sister’s location.” He said the Commissioner for Transpiration might be able to assist us. “In this sense, the Police and the LSBL have questions to answer,” he stated.

Ayanwola Titilayo, the deceased’s elder sister, echoed James’ account, lamenting the fact that this is happening at their parents’ elderly age.

“Our mother is 74, and our father is 84; why is this happening now, when they are both so old?” she said. If not, why was this kept a secret among them? My sister’s death was more of connivance between the Lagos State Government, LSBL, and the Nigeria Police. This suggests that they were all aware of our sister’s death at the time we were being flung around.

“The driver, Nice Andrew, claimed it was an attack but never reported it to the proper authorities and only returned to work two days later.”

“I implore President Muhammadu Buhari and the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to sort this out because it is beyond our comprehension.” Before she was chopped in her prime, my sister was quick and diligent.”

Our demands

Ayo Ademiluyi, the family’s principal lawyer, detailed the family’s demands, stating, “We have forensic proof to back our statement.” All arrested individuals should be tried as quickly as feasible in a competent court.

“Others include the arrest of the LSBL Managing Director within the next 24 hours, the publication of the autopsy report and Corona Inquest as soon as possible, and the Nigeria Police tracking the deceased’s second cellphone number, which is currently inactive.”

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