Kickstarter Nigeria – What you should know

Kickstarter Nigeria – What you should know
Kickstarter Nigeria – What you should know

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Kickstarter Nigeria is a platform that allows creative people to raise money for their projects. It is a peer-to-peer funding platform, which means that individuals can donate money to projects they believe in. Kickstarter Nigeria is open to all kinds of projects, including films, games, books, music, and technology.

To use Kickstarter Nigeria, creators must create a project page and set a funding goal. They must also provide a video or other content that explains their project and why they need funding. Once a project is launched, backers can pledge money to support it. If the project reaches its funding goal, the creator receives the money and can use it to complete their project. If the project does not reach its funding goal, the backers are not charged any money.

Kickstarter Nigeria is a great way for creative people to get the funding they need to bring their projects to life. It is also a great way for people to support projects that they care about.

Here are some of the features of Kickstarter Nigeria:

  • It is a free platform to use.
  • There are no upfront fees.
  • Creators keep 100% of the money they raise, minus Kickstarter’s 5% fee and Amazon’s 3-5% fee.
  • Backers can pledge money starting from $1.
  • Projects have a 30-day funding period.
  • If a project does not reach its funding goal, backers are not charged any money.

If you are a creative person with a project that you need funding for, Kickstarter Nigeria is a great option to consider.

What happens to your money if a Kickstarter fails?

If a Kickstarter project fails to meet its funding goal, the creators will not receive any of the funds pledged by backers. Kickstarter will hold the money in an escrow account until the campaign ends, and then it will be returned to all backers in full, less any fees that Kickstarter charges.

Here are the steps that happen when a Kickstarter project fails:

  1. The project ends without reaching its funding goal.
  2. Kickstarter holds the money in an escrow account for 7 days.
  3. If any backers’ payments fail during this time, their pledges are dropped.
  4. After 7 days, Kickstarter refunds all remaining pledges in full.

Backers are not creditors of the project creators, so they do not have any legal rights to the money if the project fails. However, Kickstarter does have a policy of requiring creators to make a good faith effort to fulfill their projects, even if they are not successful. This means that creators should provide updates to backers on the status of their project, and they should refund any money that they are not able to use to create the product or service that they promised.

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It is important to remember that Kickstarter is a platform for crowdfunding, which means that backers are essentially investing in a project that may or may not be successful. There is always a risk that a project will fail, so it is important to do your research before you pledge money to any project.

Here are some tips for evaluating Kickstarter projects:

  • Read the project’s description carefully and make sure that you understand what the creator is trying to do.
  • Look at the creator’s track record. If they have successfully completed other projects, it is more likely that they will be able to complete this one as well.
  • Check the comments section to see what other backers have said about the project.
  • If you have any concerns, contact the creator directly.

By following these tips, you can help to minimize the risk of losing money on a failed Kickstarter project.

Kickstarter for Android

The app allows you to discover new projects, follow your favorite projects, and pledge money to support projects you believe in. You can also use the app to stay up-to-date on project news and updates.

Here are some of the features of the Kickstarter app for Android:

  • Discover new projects: Browse through a variety of projects, from art and design to film and tech.
  • Follow your favorite projects: Save your favorite projects so you can easily check back on them.
  • Pledge money to projects: Support projects you believe in by pledging money.
  • Stay up-to-date on project news and updates: Get notified when projects you’re following have new news or updates.

The Kickstarter app for Android is a great way to discover new and exciting projects, support creators, and make the world a more creative place.

In Conclusion:

The Kickstarter app for Android offers a multitude of features that make it easy and enjoyable to explore and support a wide range of creative projects. Whether you’re interested in art, design, film, or technology, the app allows you to follow your favorite projects and easily check back on them whenever you want. Additionally, you can show your support by pledging money to projects you believe in, helping creators bring their visions to life. With the app’s notification feature, you’ll never miss out on the latest news and updates from the projects you’re following. Overall, the Kickstarter app for Android is a valuable

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