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Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents | The Art of Manliness

What to take when meeting girlfriends parents?

Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

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Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents | The Art of Manliness – 

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents is a big step up and advance in your relationship with her it can be nerve-wracking at first but you got this.

In this article, I’m going to give you tips on what and how to behave when meeting them for the first time.

Make a Great First Impression

It may sound cliche but that’s the honest truth as you don’t get a second chance to do so. A person’s view and opinion of you comes from the first impression you made and trust me that’s the way it’s going to be.

You dress nicely and iron your clothes if necessary because your dressing shows your personality by 80%.

I recommend bringing flowers for the mom or sister if the mom isn’t present as it shows how caring and gentlemanly you are.

Greet them warmly and cheerfully, if you hardly laugh try to make your face lighter and not mean.

Be Your (Best) Self

Being yourself is a very good way too as you can’t pretend for so long, and this is usually applicable to the ‘getting to know you’ aspect you can do this by paying attention to her parents and not mostly your girlfriend as the intention of the meetup was because of them, not your girlfriend.

While paying your best attention to them turn off your phone so as to not cause a distraction like calls, forced to check it every now and then as it is considered rude.

You can talk about your hobbies and interests, future plans and also ask about theirs too, involve your girlfriend too as it makes their heart warm that you think well of their daughter.

It’s okay to feel confident when you feel they like you already, especially when they are easy to talk to but don’t forget you are being watched and judged.

Be punctual

Of course, you have to be punctual, and if possible help them set the table and bond while doing so.

Being late is a big red flag and shows you don’t respect your girlfriend and her family, best to leave the house earlier to avoid traffic.

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Be polite, even if they appear rude

It may sound somehow but it’s advisable to apply this method, most parents do this intentionally so it’s best to not reply or comment. They might drop rude remarks and comments but it’s best to try and divert the conversation to a safer topic.

Maintain positive body language

Your body language can actually tell you off, it shows if you are comfortable, bored, or not eager to engage in a conversation with them by turning away from them instead of facing them so it’s best to maintain positive body language.

Build Rapport

You can do so by compliments, you can compliment the mom for nice food if it was at home or other nice compliments to make her feel better, don’t forget the dad too.

Don’t be nervous even if her dad intimidates you, you should show confidence as they would love to entrust their daughter with a confident man not otherwise.

Treat her parents with respect

Most guys don’t talk respectfully to their parents at home but your girlfriend”s parents are different so you shouldn’t talk back at them and accord respect to them as it shows if you respect their daughter or not.

Offer to help out or clean up after dinner

If the meetup was at the house you can offer to help them clean up most likely they would refuse but don’t be in a haste to leave immediately, find a way to help out with something to show your usefulness.

Thank them

No matter how hasty you are you should thank and appreciate them for their time, don’t forget you let them know you had a good time as they would feel curious to know.


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