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How To Start Money Lending Business In Nigeria 2023/2024

How To Start Money Lending Business In Nigeria 2023/2024

Money Lending
Money Lending

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The money lending business nowadays is one of the benefits of high requests. This is because according to the current economic problem in Nigeria, the plurality is poor. Consequently, they examine borrowing for survival.

Nevertheless, a major part of the high request for money lending kindnesses is because of the existence of many lending companies around the country. A majority of these companies lack budget and you can make a business out of supplying it. Yet, like all businesses, you rather have to understand how to start a cash lending business in Nigeria, and also successfully terminate the enrollment. If you wish to get more information read on to know just how.

What Is Money Lending

Money Lending is a credit given to consumers in Nigeria as it is been done in other countries to pay back with an affordable interest. at some point, in the practice, it was a rift with misuses on the part of the borrower had no other option but to accept the terms and conditions.

This moneylender entered at the federal level to check this abuse in the year 1927, then some of the states in Nigeria enacted adequacy or otherwise of the Moneylenders laws of Nigeria as customers gain laws.

 How To Start Money Lending Business In Nigeria PDF

Documenting a new establishment in Nigeria primarily follows the exact methodology of documenting. Nevertheless, since we are in the digital age, a preponderance of the procedure can be done online.

Procedures or steps you need to take for the money lending business,

  • Company name reservation
  • CAAC 1.1 Pre-registration form
  • Payment of filing and stamp duty fees
  • Uploading of requested documents, which include:
  • MEMART, Form of Identification for Directors and Secretary
  • Proficiency certificate
  • Stamp duty certificate
  • Evidence of  payment

Currently, for a money lending business registration, you have to meet the following methods:


You will have to Involve the magistrate court, where you would be directed to submit the next;

  • Application letter
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Tax and police clearance
  • Memorandum and articles of association of your company
  • Evidence of maintenance of a current bank account

Then you might have been victorious, then you will receive a letter Form B from Magistrate Court the of the money lending regulation to roll.

Application to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism through the subsequent steps below:

  • Payment of N10,000 to purchase the money lender certificate
  • Collect an invoice of N50,000 from the Ministry
  • Finally, submit your application with the following documents:
  • Form B and Form C from the Magistrate court
  • Evidence of payment of application fees
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • A police report from the commissioner of police
  • PAYE certificate
  • A 3-year income tax clearance certificate


This step absolutely involves visitation and inspection of your business office by the ministry. Consequently, on victorious examination, you would welcome your Capital Lending Permit. Also, for various exercises, you can obtain the succeeding as it would encourage your business.

  • A money lending operational manual
  • Get together all the necessary forms and documentation essential in the money lending process
  • A decent electronic system for a fast and responsive loan-giving process.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to pursue lawful help and also that of different specialists too. More so, this is because beginning this kind of business demands expertise.

Outside the enrollment level, operating a money-lending business demands good governance and process. Regardless, although this report does not concern that, you should get them in position. As long as you have all the required documents, writing a money lending company in Nigeria is specific.

 How Much Do You Need To Start a Money Lending Business In Nigeria

If you wish to start a money lending or loan in Nigeria, here are the steps you need to undergo.

Documenting a new establishment in Nigeria primarily follows the exact process and methodology of documenting. Nevertheless, since we are in the digital age, a preponderance of the procedure can be done online.

To start a personal money lending business in Nigeria your choice requires a capital of #20 million naira. This money will be manipulated to get your cash lending license and other enrollment needed to run a personal money lending business or a private money lending company.

 Money Lending License In Nigeria

First, we are going to see who a lender is;

A  money lender is a person or institution that leverages the internet and technology to generate short-term loans/credit establishments for clients. This is usually undertaken on such institution mobile applications where consumers can access comfortable access mostly non-collateral backed loans.

Now, here are the basic orn required steps to get Money lending License

Showing the proof of payment of the money Lenders License fee in the sum of N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira), Proof of Application Form Fee of N25,000
  • Incorporate a company with the required minimum share capital
  • Obtain the CBN banking or finance house license
  • Alternatively, obtain a state money lender’s license.

 How Profitable Is Money Lending Business In Nigeria

The money lending Business is possibly the most beneficial and lucrative enterprise in Nigeria. this is because the company yards profits efficiently. mainly when a lender borrows funds and does not pay on time, The more additional loan is not paid on time the more interest on the loan grows monthly or yearly.

The normal range of loans is from 10% – 30%. You can also make better gains by selling assets used as collateral when connecting loans. So many money-lending businesses make good money from selling the assets of their customers when they do not pay up their loans.

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