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Should I Text My Ex: Dos & Don’ts

Is it a good idea to text your ex?

Should I Text My Ex

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Should I Text My Ex: Dos & Don’ts –

The determination of this question actually depends on one’s choice but before then there are some things to consider before doing so like the nature of the breakup, the communication level, the mutual thought.

It’s okay to try to text your ex maybe you still have a lot to say before moving on this article will help you and give you tips and guidelines for making the right choice.

But first of all, what are the Dos and Don’ts?

Reflect on your intentions

Reflecting on your intentions first is so thoughtful, you have to know what your intention is for texting your ex, how it will affect them or you either positively or negatively, and who it is beneficial to, you or them, what your expectations for the conversation outcome will be.

After considering all this you will go on to decide if you still wanna text them or not but tread carefully so as to not hurt any party at the end.

Don’t text if it’s not going to be helpful for you both

Proper consideration of how beneficial it will be for both parties, you shouldn’t text because you feel like it because you miss being laid by them, or rather because you still want to make a point on the reason for the breakup unless of course it will be beneficial to them by giving them closure, heal them and help them move on.

It is not beneficial if you just want to clear your conscience or validate yourself instead of them, you’d rather not reach out if that’s the case.

Should I Text My Ex

Should I Text My Ex

Do Start with a Casual Approach

Casual approaches are the best type of approaches for an ex, you don’t just jump straight to the topic or start with heavy serious topics that will set the mood off, starting with a nice sense of humor a little greeting, or a funny memory will set the mood right and create a nice atmosphere for conversations, and if observing their mood and they seem uncomfortable then respect them and give them space.

You’re Going Through a Difficult Period

Vulnerability leads to a lot of stupid actions, if you think you need to reach out to them because you are going through a difficult period at the moment then you are wrong as it puts you in more pain if they don’t reciprocate or respond in a way you expected and wanted.

Do be upfront

Most exes do wonder why their ex reached out to them, some hope it is to get back together, but whatever your reason is for reaching out? be upfront, straightforward, and transparent.

You’re Lonely

If you feel lonely it’s advisable to engage in things to distract you, or better still reach out to family members and friends because after the breakup you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone leading to you feeling lonely.

If you feel lonely it’s advisable to reach out more to people and make new friends if you have none, reaching out to your ex isn’t the solution cause you might not even like your ex anymore.

Do Respect Their Boundaries

Giving them time to process and be in their personal space is actually a nice thing to do, looking obsessive by continuously asking about their private life and businesses. calling them frequently and bombing their phones with messages, especially if they show attitudes that they want to be left alone

And if after you meet them years to come you should talk to them with a nice and mature approach.

Do be realistic about how your ex will respond

If after careful considerations you figure your ex is the type to give you the answers and closures you need then you can go ahead to reach out knowing fully well they care and would respond well.

But if the relationship ended badly with one or both parties ending up deeply hurt then you should know you won’t get a nice response knowing fully well your ex is still resentful and doesn’t care at all.

Your Family Wants You To Get Back Together

The relationship ended because you figured out it doesn’t work well with you too, yet your family hasn’t moved on and wants you to get back together.

Don’t think they know what is best as they weren’t the ones in the relationship but you, so the decision is up to you not them.

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Don’t Play Mind Games

Playing mind games like making them feel jealous, being manipulative, using their weakness against them, or still knowing they still love you isn’t nice, and both parties might end up hurt.

Playing with your ex’s emotions isn’t the best way rather respect their decision and work towards creating a healthy environment for the both of you.

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