Smoking_ A Bizarre Habit That Trails Massive Death Across The World

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Around the globe, Nicotine has trailed a massive death following its addictive nature and massive consumption from victims who have found a good taste in it.

Every single year, the world health organisations record over 60% death rate caused by cigarettes and other substances inhaled by smoking.


Smoking is highly dangerous to its victims but because of its addictive nature and imprudent, most people perish and die from its hazardous effect. A single Tobacco inhaled causes 1.5% damage to all body systems and organs.

Tobacco containing a massive volume of nicotine causes several types of diseases.  A smoker will likely not surpass a 60 years life span; even if he or she does, they shall battle enormous numbers of bizarre diseases caused by Tobacco.

Most of the world population are suffering from diseases caused by excessive intake of Tobacco.

Explicitly, smoking is dangerous but is even more hazardous amid its addictive nature. Victims addicted to smoking may be literate but will still guzzle thousands of cigarettes despite knowing the side effects.

This is why we have articulated this view and gathered satisfying secrets you may not know about smoking. Below are the damages they cause to the body.

Heart attack 


Every single year, the world health organization records over 40% of death rates across the world_ victims who die from the complication of heart attacks caused by excessive smoking.

Smoking is highly dangerous to the heart. This is because nicotine and other elements from tobacco thicken the blood which results in excessive clotting of the blood that pumps from the heart to the other part of the body.

The process keeps flowing until the heart experiences blockage of the veins and arteries which will redirect the improper blood flow resulting in unconsciousness.

This can lead to instant death if not healed or tackled. Its popular symptom tags difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms reads; tightness or pain in the chest, neck, back or arms, as well as fatigue, lightheadedness, abnormal heartbeat and anxiety.



It could be throat cancer, Skin cancer or any other form of complicated verse that has best named smoking a dangerous act.

The medical teams receive massive victims of different cancers caused by excessive smoking every single year. 60% of these victims do not survive its complications.

The cruellest damage smoking does to our body system that results in cancer is that the chemicals from tobacco destroy the DNA. Some part of DNA protects the body from cancer and also repair dead cells.

A smoking addict keeps killing that part of the DNA that protects cancer until they all succumb to death and this thrust cancer.

80% of the cancer result we record every single year are caused by excessive consumption of tobacco.

Heart diseases 


This is related to heart attack but most likely different. This has also forced millions of victims to untimely death following the bizarre attack tobacco chemicals deploy on the heart.

While a victim smoke every single day, his or her blood will be thickened by Tobacco chemicals and resulting in blood clotting in the heart. Those clotting that may even block the arteries will cause bumps of blood clots in the arteries and veins which causes heart diseases.

Excessive smoking acts aggressively via its consequences but is sometimes sluggish and narrow.  It kills slowly, eats you gradually before spanking a bizarre situation that may even cause instant death.

Those heart diseases may be formed in a 5 years tally which has fooled most of its victims. A single cigarette consumed causes damage to the heart but it will be unnoticed to the victim until it completes its damage which may even happen in a 10 years difference.

Pregnancy complication


Pregnancy complication is tagged as one of the world most tackled trauma every single year following how different activities pregnant mothers portray during their breeding period damages and complicate their child delivery which sometimes causes death.

Activities like Excessive consumption of alcohol, hard drugs and poor medical attention are all included but smoking seems to be the cruellest of all via how it has ended many mothers’ dreams to bore a child.

Tobacco chemical increases the risk of infant diseases. This occurs during its growth in the womb. It may affect the brain and even disfigure its image.  It also results in preterm birth, low birth weight, and birth defects of the mouth and lip. The medical teams have also warned that excessive smoking during pregnancy may also cause infant death.



As it is popularly known COPD is a condition involving constriction of the airways and difficulty or discomfort in breathing. There’s single doubt about how smoking spanks this damage.

As discussed in the recent points, when a victim smokes, he inhales over 6,000 harmful chemicals that destroy most of the organs and systems of the body.

One of these systems is the respiratory system.  The harmful chemicals will travel to the respiratory system and damage the air key parts causing bizzare situations.

Some of these situations read, the damage of the air sac, the swelling of the air tube, the drainage of the cells that protect the lungs from diseases.

Almost all victims of COPD are diagnosed with excessive intake of tobacco which as explained above destroys the lungs. COPD is likely the cause of most death records concerned with smokers around the globe.

Smoking can be very difficult to stop but it’s high time you consider your aspirations and abstain from it before it abstains you from achieving your peak. If the addiction persists, summit yourself to the nearest sanitarium for professional rehabilitation before the time is doom.

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