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Tips to deal with a jealous and possessive partner

How to overcome jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship?

Tips to deal with a jealous and possessive partner

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Tips to deal with a jealous and possessive partner – 

Having a jealous partner might seem cute and adorable at first, the feeling when you know your partner feels jealous is nice but with time the feelings might grow stronger and turn to possessiveness and overly excessive.

If you love your partner and you don’t want to leave them because of this attitude then here is what you can do

Remember that communication is the key to every relationship

If you find it getting stronger and too uncomfortable for you, don’t just start deviating from your partner, rather communicate and relay how you feel and tell your partner to work on it, your partner might not even know they act possessive towards you, this must have been as a result of past experiences.

Discuss the behaviors you feel are unacceptable

You have to discuss behaviors you don’t like, this should be discussed privately and calmly, he might have told you to stop hanging with your friends, stop visiting your family, not wearing this or that, not allowing you to go to some certain outings and when you do bombs your phone with calls and texts, always asking about every of your movements, you know all those stuff you don’t like talk it out with him.

Be more affectionate towards your partner

This will help them overcome their negative thoughts and become less possessive and jealous, you shouldn’t give them the room to feel jealous as it will only grow to become worse, if you show them much affection they will feel at ease and know you love them and there is no reason to feel jealous at all.

Explain your needs in your relationship

You don’t have to bear it all thinking it’s cute and a love language. you have to explain to him the need for you to hang out with your friends, and not just with him. You should let your partner know your life doesn’t evolve only around them and how important it is for you to have a life outside the relationship. Explain all your needs in a way your partner would understand.

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Address their issues

You don’t have to get defensive when your partner points out something that makes them jealous or insecure, rather give them assurance and make them feel your affections. accept your mistakes and let love lead.

Discuss your commitment to your relationship

A constant reminder to your partner about your commitment also helps as possessiveness comes from low self-esteem and constant fear of you being taken away from them by someone else, Always remind them you love only them to help ease that thought of you being taken away and slowly watch the possessiveness fade away.

There’s nothing wrong with setting boundaries

It’s okay to set those boundaries, you should let them know about those boundaries and implore them to respect them, they can be jealous but they shouldn’t let it overwhelm than and lead them to make drastic decisions and actions.

Include your partner in plans with your friends

As I said earlier, insecurities are what project possessiveness and jealousy, if you include your partner they may feel at ease and know you have nothing to make them feel insecure about or they have nothing to feel insecure about, but if you leave your partner out they would be panicking and thinking on what you are doing at that point in time.

Be there for your partner when they reach out to you

Your partner is already jealous and when they reach out you are not there, that would worsen the situation, most human beings don’t think straight and are irrational when overwhelmed with jealousy, so if you are there for your partner when they reach out, trust me it can help to reduce the jealousy as they know that you are still there and not gone.

Be realistic about whether your relationship is worth fixing

After going through the necessary steps and your boyfriend isn’t willing to change, you haven’t seen any change it you start feeling scared, uncomfortable, and anxious then it is time to quit for your peace of mind.

In conclusion;

Having a possessive partner is very risky, most times it leads them to hurting people or even killing them, if your partner is willing to change and actually does then you should continue with the relationship and hope they don’t deviate back.

However, if your partner refuses to change you should break up before it’s too late.

That’s all for this article if you find it helpful do well to share it with people who need it too.



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