8 Signs You Shouldn’t Be A Musician

Signs to know that music is not your calling

8 Signs You Shouldn't Be A Musician
8 Signs You Shouldn't Be A Musician

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Everyone has a call, a call that tells one’s destiny and career when this is not followed accordingly, it may result in mockery and regret.

Sometimes people get in Conestoga or distraught in making the right decision or taking the proper steps. Life is a mystery, every being is supposed to be endowed with at least a tremendous of knowledge so to tackle the world’s everyday complications. Every field is a call and everyone is destined to a specific call.

Music is a call and also a field, ten million lads are struggling with their music career around the globe but still can’t find a satisfying result, this is because they are not in the line of their call. They would spend years still struggling but a commoner would come up and boost before them, this is still because that’s not their call.

Here are 8 signs you shouldn’t be a musician.

1. No passion

One can easily proclaim or claim he or she has a rigid passion for something he loves but deep down there’s not a single passion established. It’s so hard to tell if one has a passion for something.

Teachers will always say “Passion is the key for making a life goal decision,” but the dangerous side of it is how to know if you have a passion for the particular field.

Many are in the music field but there’s no passion they have for it which makes it so difficult for them. A passion for something gives one joy and encourages the person to continue, he will never ponder of complications he does encounter in the field cause there are joy and satisfaction in what he does. If one has no passion for music when complications come he or she will never find it so easy to tackle because he or she had been forcing themselves into a musical career maybe for money or fame. You would have to check if you have no passion for your musical career so as to dilate as quickly as possible and find your call.

2. There’s No Inspiration

There have never been alive or a supernatural dream upon your musical career at least one day or even presently but rather you force a dream to it. If these happen, it’s a sign that shows music is not your call. Inspiration is one of the supernatural ability that tells ones’ passion and quality he has for something if one is on the right call, he due gets inspiration almost every day which molds the quality in him to a better quantity but if there’s no inspiration it’s a big sign you are at the wrong call.

Stay down in contempt and ponder if you have once had an inspiration before you ventured into your musical career if there’s no single inspiration or even presently, it’s a clear sign!.

3. Lacks creativity

No one lacks creativity, everyone is creative but in different vocations or fields, people are sometimes judged not creative because they made a wrong decision in their careers. There is a division of labor though but a musical artist who is not creative is not on the right call but this so hard to notice. One may be struggling with his musical career but finds it so glaring to act but due to the infatuation, he has with the music he may skip being an actor. This is a sign to note.

4. Finds It so hard To Release At least 4 Songs in a year

Every work is hard to figure out but if you are in your call it becomes fun for you, easy, and much easier. We all know interest is the key for complicated work done much easier without getting tired. Some personals do music just to be a celebrity or to be wealthy, they have no interest but rather, force their energy into it. Everything convoluted doesn’t stay for long, that’s why we due to finding a case of a famous musician who suddenly dispersed from the music industry, this is because they had been forcing themselves but at a point got tired and gave up. A music artist on the right call can easily release copious songs or even freestyles in a month but if you are not on the right call you will struggle with two songs the whole year. If you suffer from such, it’s a sign.

5. People Gets Not Pleased When You Sing

It’s not jealousy or hate as we often think almost every time such happens but that’s how they felt when you sang, they commend according to your vocal or vibes. Many have a bad voice but still, force themselves into music careers because of the passion they have for it. The first quality that tells if music is your call is your vocal, how it sounds in people’s ear when you sing, do they get satisfied? If they get not pleased with it, it’s a clear sign.

6. Can’t Combine lyrics Very quick

Some can’t rap, fine that’s not a sign but when you find it so difficult to combine lyrics very quickly with no interruptions it’s a sign that music is not your call. Can you vibe for at least 30 seconds with no interruption? That’s a quality that tells you are following your lane. Honestly, things are learned but it feels so good and very best to improve the supernatural talent you already have in you instead of forcing yourself to another. If music is your call you will never find it hard to vibe on lyrics rather you will find it hard to improve.

7. Can’t compose a Song

This is one of the major sign, composing a song connects with talent and creativity if your talent isn’t music you will ever find it hard even if you learn. Many music artists can’t compose a song but buy assistance with money, that’s a sign. Don’t say everything is learned, if it’s your call, you will never find it hard but rather you improve. If you can’t compose stop doing music.

8. No Joy To Others Songs

We get inspiration from other songs, which sometimes helps to give a great result on our idea, but some musical artists don’t find it satisfying listening to other songs. Many songs help in developing one’s musical quality but if it’s not your call, you will never get pleased.

Something gives you joy more than your musical career; this connects with passion but it’s not, you may be in music but your call is anything else that’s why you feel much joy doing such instead of music. Check it and analyze it so vividly it’s a sign.


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