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Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

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Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boy And Baby Girl-

A child whether a girl or boy is a gift from God and should be taken care of.  And some parents should be mindful of the kind of names they give to their children.

Your child’s name should be smooth and easy to say and can be remembered because it reveals something about who they are, where they come from, and where they’re headed.

Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Abigail‘A father’s joy’. This name has become popular in recent years and is often abbreviated as ‘Abby.’
AdahFrom the Beautiful Scenery, Adornment, Ornament
AdiaNoble, Gift, Wealthy
Alexandra‘Defender’ or ‘helper of men’. This is often shortened to Alex, which is also used as a nickname for similar names like Alexis and Alexa.
Alice‘Noble’ or ‘Of nobility’. Allie is a commonly-used nickname for Alice. Another version of this name is Allison.
AlisNoble, Kind, Noble Sort
Alyssa‘Rational’, ‘alyssum flower’, or ‘sanity’
AmeliaStriving/Industrious, ‘Defender’
Amelie‘strive to work’ in French.
Amy‘Beloved’ in French. It is one of the popular British names for girls.
Anastasia‘One who will be reborn’ or ‘resurrection’.
AngelaA modified version of Angelina. It means ‘Angel’.
Angelina‘Angel’ or ‘messenger of God’.
AniOrnament, Beautiful, Variant of Anne / Ane
Anna‘Grace’. Also used as a nickname for Annabelle
AnnabelleIt means ‘favored grace’ in French.
AnyaInexhaustible, Gracious, Graceful
Ariel‘Lion of God’. It is also spelt as Arielle.
Arya‘Lioness, Noble’. It is frequently spelled as Aria.
AshForm of Ashley, Ash Tree Meadow
Ashley‘One who lives in the ash tree grove’. It is one of the modern English baby girl names.
Ava‘Bird’ or ‘the living one’ or ‘life’. It may also be spelled as Eva.
BadraFull Moon, Pretty, Goddess Durga
Beatrice‘She who makes you happy’. It is also spelt Beatrix.
Belinda‘Beautiful’. One of its other variants is ‘Bella’. ‘Bright linden tree’ or ‘bright serpent’.
Bella‘Beautiful’. It is often used as a nickname for other names ending in –Bella, like Annabella, Arabella, etc.
BencyRight Hand of Jesus Christ, A Talkative Girl who is Very Scared
BereyExalted One, Bearer of Victory, True Image, To Help, Berry
BeryTrue Image, Bearer of Victory, Berry, To Help, Exalted One
BethanyDerived from the Bible, the name means ‘House of Figs’.
BetyGod is My Oath, God is Perfection
BitsyGod is Perfection, God is My Oath
Brooke‘Little stream’.
CadieRhythm, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds, Variant of Cady
CadySimple Happiness, Hillock, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds, Pure
Caitlin‘Pure’ or ‘unsullied’. Other versions of this name are Caty, Katie, and Katelyn
Callie‘Most beautiful’. It is often used as a diminutive of the names Callista (beautiful), and Calliope (beautiful voice).
CandyBright, Sweet, Glowing White
CappiCaprice, A Lively Piece, Whimsical
CarlaFem Form of Carl, Womanly
CarnyCarnival Worker
Caroline‘Strong’. It is the female version of Charles.
Catherine‘Pure’ or ‘Clear’. Other versions of this name are Katherine and Katrina.
CeliaForm of Cecilia
Charlotte‘Free man’ or ‘petite’. Other versions of this name are Charlie, Carlotta, and Lottie
Chloe‘Blooming’ or ‘young green shoot.
Christina‘Follower of Christ’. Other variations of this name are Christine, Christiana, Kristina, and Kirsten.
Claire‘Bright’ or ‘clear’.
Clara‘Bright’ or ‘clear’. Another version of Claire.
Cora‘Maiden’ in Greek. Other versions of this name are Corinna, Korinna, and Kora.
Daisy‘Day’s eye’ or ‘the daisy flower’
DandyGod is My Judge
Daniella‘God has judged’
DanyaGod is My Judge, a Feminine Variant of Daniel
DeenaDivine, God Like, Jacob’s Daughter, Judgement, Valley, Dinah, Spear Ruler, Silk
DelcyFlower, Sweetness
Delilah‘Delight’ or ‘temptress’
DellaGraceful, Noble, Of Nobility, Small Winged One, Heart, Delight
DeshaGolden Girl
DoraKind, A Gift, Gift of God, Honesty
Dorothy‘Gift of God ‘
EddeyFriend of Riches, Blessed / Rich Friend
EdolieNoble, Good Humour
Eleanor‘Bright, shining one’
Elena‘Shining’ or ‘Bright One’
ElinaWoman with Intelligence, Pure, Intelligent,
Elise‘Oath of God’
Eliza‘God is satisfaction’
Elizabeth‘God is my oath’
Ella‘Light’ or ‘beautiful fairy’. Other versions of this name are Elle and Ellen
Eloise‘Healthy’ and ‘wide’
ElyanaMy God has Answered
ElyshaConsecrated to God, Variant of Elissa
Emery‘Brave’ and ‘powerful’
Emily‘Striving’ or ‘Industrious’
Emma‘Whole’ or ‘universal’. It is also used as a nickname for Emmeline, Emily, Emilia, and Amelia.
EmmyEntire, Universal, Rival, Eager, Laborious, Imitating, Work, Hardworking, Industrious, Embracing Everything, Variant of Emily
EricaRuling Forever, Always Ruler, Honourable Ruler
Esther‘Hidden’ or ‘Star’
EthlynNoble, Honourable
EveTo Breathe, To Live, Good News, Living, Life
Everly‘Wild boar meadow’
Faith‘Confidence’ and ‘belief’
FannyFree, Frenchwoman, Favourable Speech
FaunaYoung Deer, Fawn, Animal Life, Goddess of Living Things, To Favour
Felicity‘Happiness’ or ‘good fortune’
Finley‘Fair-haired warrior’
Fiona‘White’ or ‘fair’
Gabriella‘Woman of God’ or ‘God is my strength’
Genevieve‘Of the race of Women’ or ‘white wave’
Grace/Gracie‘Kindness’, ‘mercy’ or ‘beauty’
Hadley‘Heather field’
HadlyField of Heather
HaileyFrom the Hay Meadow, Hay Clearing, Hero, Hay Woods
HanahFull of Grace
Hannah‘Favour’ or ‘grace’
Harmony‘Concord’ or ‘concurrence’
Harper‘One who plays the harp’
Hazel‘Hazel tree’ or ‘hazelnut’
HeleneLight, Torch, In Mythology the Abduction of Zeus’s Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked the Trojan War,
HollieIt is a version of the name Holly and means ‘Holly tree’.
Holly‘Clearing by the hollow’ or ‘holly tree’
Ida‘The Industrious One’
IrisBased on the Iris flower. It is also the name of the ‘Goddess of the rainbow’.
Isabel‘Pledged to God’.
Isabella‘Devoted to God’ or someone who is pious
IsabelleIt is a version of the name Isabella and means ‘devoted to God’.
JaceyAttractive, A Combination of the Initials J and C
Jade‘Stone of the colic’
JaenaSupplanter, Jay Bird, Feminine Variant of Jay
JainyGift from God, Name from Lord Vishnu
JalinHolder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect, Supplanter
JasmineA flower which is white and has a sweet scent.
JenniferSomeone who is exceptionally fair-skinned.
JessicaA person who has remarkable foresight
Jocelyn‘Member of the Gauts tribe’
Jordyn‘To flow down’ or ‘descend like a river’
Josephine‘God shall grow’ or ‘Jehovah increases’
Jovita‘Dedicated to Jove’
Joy‘Great happiness’
Joyce‘Cheerful’ or ‘merry’
Julia‘Youth’ or ‘youthful’. Some of the other versions of this name are Juliana, Julianne, Guilia, and Giulianna.
Kaylee‘One who is filled with purity’
Kimberly‘From the wood of a royal forest’.
Lauren‘Laurel’ or ‘bay tree’
Layla‘Intoxicating’, ‘dark beauty’, or ‘night’. Another version of this name is Lyla.
Leah‘Weary’ or’ tired’
Lexi‘Man’s defender’
Lily‘Lily flower’ or ‘Pure’. Some of the variants of this name include Liliana, Lillian
LillyIt is a variation of the name Lily and means purity.
‘Little and womanly’
Lucy‘Light’ or ‘born at dawn’. Also used as a nickname for Lucinda.
Lydia‘Beautiful one’ or ‘noble one’
Mae‘Bitter’ or ‘pearl’
Madeline‘Elevated’ or ‘Magnificent’
Madison‘Son of Matthew’ or ‘Gift of God’
Maisie‘Child of light’ or ‘pearl’
Maria‘Sea of sorrow’ or ‘sea of bitterness’. Some sources give the definition as ‘rebellion’ or ‘wished-for child’. Other versions of this name are Miriam, Mary, and Marie.
Megan‘Pearl’ or ‘capable’
MelanieSomeone who has dark or black skin.
Melody‘Song’ or ‘to sing’
Mia‘Mine’ or ‘wished-for child’
Mila/ Milly‘Dear’ or ‘pleasant’
MorganSomeone who is a defender and champion of the sea.
Naomi‘Sweetness’ or ‘Delightful’
Natalie‘Sunrise’ or ‘Born’
Nicole‘Victory of the People’
Olivia‘Olive branch’
PagiHelper, Servant
Paige‘Young servant’
Paisley‘Basilica’ or ‘Church’
Pamela‘All honey’ or ‘all sweetness’
Payton‘Poega’s town’ or ‘fighting man’s estate’. It is also spelled as Peyton.
Phoebe‘Bright one’
Piper‘One who plays the pipes’
PoppyInspired by the poppy flower which is large and bright.
Priscilla‘Ancient’ or ‘Classical’
Quinn‘Wisdom’ or ‘Intelligence’
Rachel‘Ewe’ or ‘Lamb’
Reagan‘Little king’ or ‘Regal’
Riley‘Wood clearing’
Robyn‘Bright famous one’
Rose‘Rose flower’
Rosie‘Rose flower’
Rosemary‘Dew of the sea’ or ‘bitter rose’
Ruby‘Red’ or a type of precious stone.
Samantha‘God heard’ or ‘Listener’
Skylar‘Eternal life’ or ‘Water giver’
Sophia/ Sophie‘Wisdom’. Some of the other versions of this name are Sophie and Sofia.
Stella‘Star’. It is also used as a diminutive of Estelle.
Summer‘Summer season’
Susan/ Suzanne‘Lily’. Some of the other versions of this name are Susannah and Susie.
Sylvia‘Of the forest’
Tabitha‘Gazelle’ or ‘Beauty’
Taylor‘Cutter of cloth’ or ‘clothed with salvation’
Teresa‘To reap’ or ‘harvester’
Thea ‘Goddess’
Trinity‘Holy triad’
UnitaOneness, Sisterly Unites
Violet‘Purple’ or ‘the violet flower’
Winnie‘Fair’ or ‘blessed’
Yvonne‘Yew tree’


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