Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

Quotes To Stay Inspired in Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

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Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes – 

Eating disorders are no joke when one is out and on a recovery journey they need all the motivation to keep them going, anorexia isn’t about the body only but also about your mind and health, most people lost their lives because they couldn’t fight anymore, our body needs food to function and stay alive, but that won’t be possible if one isn’t eating.

Staying Motivated in Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery

  • Counting calories is not the answer, because eating is not the problem.

  • To stay in recovery, you must be responsible for finding your own motivation. Remember, motivation may not be easy to come by at first. It will probably be a very small, timid part inside of you. When you find it, let that part be in charge. Let the minority rule and lead you to a life you never dreamed was possible

  • Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide.
  • Food is something I am going to have to face at least three times a day for the rest of my life. And I am not perfect. But one really bad day does not mean that I am desperate and back at square one with my eating disorder. Olympic ice skaters fall in their quest for the gold. Heisman Trophy winners throw interceptions. Professional singers forget the words. And people with eating disorders sometimes slip back into an old pattern. But all of these individuals just pick themselves back up and do the next right thing. The ice skater makes the next jump. The football player throws the next pass. The singer finishes the song. And I am going to eat breakfast.

  • Recovery is a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as continuing to live the wrath of an eating disorder.

  • You are powerful, you are resilient, and you are capable of making a change this year. You become no less of any of those things when you reach out to ask for help from those trained to work with you and help you find a greater sense of purpose and well-being in 2021.
  • You have to make peace with food. You have to learn, and program your brain to understand: your body needs food
  • When your healthy self is strong enough to deal with all that comes your way in life, your eating disorder self will no longer be useful or necessary.

  • I’m on a journey to discover what it’s like to be free of all demons.

  • Recovery is full of ups and downs. There is no such thing as a linear life. But you can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger.
  • Be kind to yourself this year, take courageous steps to be friends with your body, and learn to tune out the eating disorder’s hateful voice today
  • Feeling guilty for eating when you’re hungry is like feeling for breathing when your lungs need oxygen. We’ve literally been taught to be ashamed of our basic human needs. Refuse to feel the shame. You are allowed to eat.
  • Recovery doesn’t mean putting your life on hold. Recovery means holding on so you can live your best life.

  • I won’t let a number on a scale own me
  • Living with an eating disorder takes extraordinary fortitude. And when that energy can be circumvented in a different way, incredible things happen.

  • I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.

  • My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse
  • The good news, however, is that also contrary to popular belief, full and lasting recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

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