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How to be the best version of yourself

How to be the best version of yourself

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Be the best version of yourself-

How do you become the best version of yourself? and what it means.  it means unveiling the hidden potential that is inside of you.

To become the best version of yourself

To get started, here are 10 tips to be the best version of yourself: so it may seem overwhelming to figure out where to begin.

1. Don’t delay

Thinking about running that marathon? Register today. Eager to pursue that degree? Start preparing your application.

The first step to doing anything worthwhile is beginning. And while it can be quite challenging to make that initial leap, without kicking off the process, you won’t get anywhere.

2. Prioritize what matters to you — not others

You’ll never feel fulfilled if you live trying to meet someone else’s expectations. Instead, channel your effort and energy toward what matters to you.

That may be your family, travel, or reading a good book regularly. Only you can determine what’s most important to your happiness and sense of purpose in life.

Spend time around people who encourage positive self-talk and make you feel good about yourself.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Unexpected events will undoubtedly arise as you go through life. You’ll make errors and embarrass yourself. That’s okay.

4. Accept help from others

Your pride can hold you back from accepting praise and evolving. Try to work against this, and accept help rather than denying it.

There’s no need to travel the road to find your best self alone. BetterUp coaches are here to help keep you accountable and provide the perspective you need to carry on when the going gets tough.

5. Take a break from social media

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Linkedin are deeply embedded in our lives. But even as social media keeps us connected and informed, it can lead to comparison and self-doubt.

If you find that scrolling your feeds leaves you feeling down, not uplifted, try to establish boundaries. And if you feel inadequate as you browse social media, remember people tend to post their highlights, not low moments.

6. Celebrate small victories

The little things matter.

Celebrating even small wins will give you the motivation to keep going until you reach your final goal. If you’re focusing on one big goal, try splitting it into steps so that you’re seeing progress. Don’t forget to reward yourself as you hit benchmarks and milestones!

8. Speak up for yourself

Your opinion is important. Stand up and speak up. It may be nerve-wracking, but the more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel.

9. Embrace failure

In order to experience growth, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone. Try to develop new skills, discover new interests and passions, or experience personal growth without risks.

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