How to become popular in the music industry in Nigeria

How to become popular in the music industry in Nigeria

Even though the sole purpose of music shouldn’t necessarily be money, no one wants to do it on an empty stomach. Furthermore, you took music as your career, meaning you aim at benefitting from it anyway. Making it in the music industry always depends on popularity.

Music is not a career for the shy. Otherwise, how else will you attract big money shows? Popularity translates to big plays, which in turn translates to big money. Here are some of the tips you can employ to become popular in the music industry in Nigeria.

Publicity stunts

From fake beef with fellow music artists to fixing yourself in dumb situations, attention-seeking is quite popular in the Naija music industry. Even the big guys in the music industry are doing it to stay relevant. Popularity is ensuring you are on everybody’s lips, and controversy does it.

Come up with a dance move

How did FUSE Odg shoot to fame? The Azonto dance move did the trick. Nigerians love the music they can dance to, so take advantage and come up with a dance step. It doesn’t have to be complex, just some move with a good song attached to it and give it a name. Simple.

Have a unique look

Create a fancy look or style that will set you apart from the other music artists. Fans will notice and will use your unique style to describe you. If your look is great, fans will start copying it, and this will make them loyal to you!

Have a catchphrase

Have a catchphrase, which could be your brand name, and remember to repeat it often. It’s no wonder Wizkid never forgets to mention Starboy in his songs. Every time fans hear your catchphrase; they will know it’s you.

Hang out with the big names

The cameras are focused on the already established artists in the game, so be there. It’s a bit hard to even meet with most of these big guys in the game, so if you get the chance, don’t waste it. Try to make friends with established artists, ride in their fame, and watch the magic happen.

Hire influential DJs and music bloggers

Getting DJs, and music bloggers with a large fan base to play and blog about your songs will require some cash, but it’s worth it. To gain popularity fast in Nigeria, you have to be ready to pay renowned music promoters for a faster lane to the top.

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It’s important to note that you might gain popularity in the music industry even though your music might not necessarily be great. You probably know a musician who gains popularity due to their annoying voice, or even how wack his/her songs are. However, producing good music is always a bonus and should always be a priority. Good music will still sell itself. It only takes the right person to listen to your good song, and your path is set. One excellent music record label or music promoter who likes your music might open your doors to millions of fans.

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