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Reasons Why You Feel Trapped In Your Relationship

What causes someone to feel trapped in a relationship?

Reasons Why You Feel Trapped In Your Relationship

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Reasons Why You Feel Trapped In Your Relationship –

Do you feel like an animal in a cage, you feel suffocated in your relationship? Quite right we all have relationship issues and problems, but it isn’t right when you start to feel stuck and trapped in the relationship.

From time to time, we can feel like our relationship is suffocating us. We might feel trapped and can no longer enjoy our space. It’s important to understand that this feeling of being stuck sometimes is normal.

Sometimes your relationship can fill you up with apprehension and make you feel trapped in your relationship that once seemed like the best thing that you experienced.

However, if you have been feeling suffocated for some time, it may indicate an unhealthy relationship.

But what are the signs that you may feel trapped?

Reasons Why You Feel Trapped In Your Relationship

Reasons Why You Feel Trapped In Your Relationship

There Are Too Many Rules and Restrictions

Beware there is a big difference between this and boundaries, when there are so many rules that you must follow and try your best to not defile then you may start feeling trapped, like dress codes, who to speak and not speak to, curfews, when to see your parents, giving accountability of your movements, all this can make you feel trapped and less free.

You have started resenting your partner

When there are unresolved issues that lead to you resenting your partner and yet you can’t leave for some reasons like blackmail, threats, etc. this can make you feel trapped and unhappy.

You’re Stuck Paying For All Of The Bills

Now paying for the bills is no big deal and a kind gesture, but it becomes a burden when your partner doesn’t help out and do their part, this can be stressful and seriously affect your financial life, the option is to just leave but you can’t because you still love your partner and has no choice than to keep doing it, this can make you feel trapped and burdened.

You are not the same person anymore

One thing is constant and inevitable, change. when you and your partner expect each other to remain the same person always which is impossible, promises made at the beginning might not be there as time goes by, when you feel like you are not the same person anymore while in the relationship, you changed a lot because of your partner you may want to leave as you feel trapped.

You rushed into the relationship without getting to know your partner

Rushing into things has never ended well, you felt attracted and didn’t want to waste time to get to know each other you rushed into a relationship and gave your commitment, at the end of the day you might feel trapped when you don’t like the real side of your partner.

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There’s no trust

Trust is the sole foundation of a healthy, free relationship, when trust is absent in your relationship, you will feel trapped and suffocated as your partner will always restrict your freedom of everything because there is no trust.

You Are Being Abused

Any form of abuse can make you feel powerless and trapped such as emotional abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, verbal abuse, and financial abuse, all these destroy one sense of safety and the ability to be free.

Unrealistic expectations from our partner in a relationship

When you are not practical and expect your partner to be absolutely perfect you feel stuck when you realize they can’t. Human beings are imperfect and make lots of mistakes, feeling disappointed will make you trapped and suffocated.

Fear Of Loneliness & Being In Denial

You are fully aware that your partner isn’t perfect and so is your relationship but yet you are in denial because you fear being lonely once you break up the relationship.

This can make you burn out, weary, suffocated, and feel stuck in the relationship, this can also cost your happiness.

You and your partner need space

When you have to eat a particular breakfast without taking a break from it, you will get tired, and once you take a break from it you won’t feel trapped.

This is also the same with relationships, the fights and makeup will burn you out you will feel stuck in a loop and will want to take a break, if you keep seeing a particular person every day you will get tired.



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