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Sea Discoveries You May Not Know Exists


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The beauty of nature has laid an impact on mortality since the existence of man became rampant.

Via outstanding knowledge and the growth of technology, explorers have been able to discover extraordinary mystery which is yet to be detailed to date.


However, see discovery emerged to be the most enchanting one following how sea divers were able to experience one of the greatest sculptures, mysteries and even abandoned cities left by our forefathers.

In this article, we would discuss some of the deep-sea discoveries you may not know exists. Check out below and thrill to the beauty of the sea.

Apollo 11 Mission Engine


A professional deep-sea diver who is known as Jef Bezos was lucky to experience the fascinating discovery of the Engine of the Apollo 11 Mission beneath the deep surface of the sea located off the coast of Florida.

He was believed to have dived 14, 000 deep and discovered the Engines from the Saturn V rocket that launched the first man to ever land on the moon, Neil Armstrong into outer space during the Apollo 11 mission.

According to reports, the Engine which was believed to have vanished forever after the Apollo 11 buoyancy was discovered by Jeff 43 years old later.

Jeff Bezos is popularly known as an extraordinary person who finds taste in discovering unbelievable things. He is also recognised as the CEO of Amazon.

The Ice Finger of Death  


The scary name was derived from the beauty of its nature and mysterious existence. No one should convince you to believe that its view is fascinating because you do be probably scared.

The mysterious discovery which is also known as the underwater Icicles was discovered in the 1960s by deep-sea divers.

After a vast exploration and investigation by experts, we were alerted that the mysterious Icicles form when sea ice cracks and leaks out of Saline water. The Saline water which is probably denser than the water around would sink to the ocean floor.

It would then freeze the fresher water it comes in contact with. However, there are further mysteries that icicles condone. It also catches any sea organism that comes in contact with it attaching the creatures to itself.

An elongated Skull found In a Mexican Sinkhole 


A cenote that is known as Sac Uayum located in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula served the world with shock after human skulls were discovered in them after a professional exploration was condoned by deep-sea divers.

The cenote as unlikely expected contained multiple human bones and skulls. Professional Geographers were immediately invited for a detailed investigation.

After the examination, it was confirmed that the remains came from a human sacrifice. It was confirmed to be an international method of deformation practised by the accident Maya. This is done by flattening the head of victims.

The mysterious Yonaguni complex  


In the popular sea located in Japan at over 14,000 Feet lies a mysterious complex discovered by deep-sea divers.

It was however first discovered by deep-sea divers condoning tour. The mysterious complex had often given scientists tough times with its nature of existence but several sources have disclosed some believable facts.

According to a Marin Geologist in Japan, the mysterious complex came from the ruins of a Japanese Atlantics sunk by an earthquake 2000 years ago.

The mystery of the complex also has lured scientists into investigations as it is still being explored to date.

The Sunken City of Dwarka 


As it is popularly known, Dwarka is a city in the history of the Indian race that sunk into the deep ocean and remained intact.

Several sources disclosed that it was a city flooded over 9000 years ago. The beauty of its mystery has thrust the Indian believers and religious status to term it sacred.

In the Hindu religion, Dwarka is a sacred city founded by Lord Krishna. It’s highly respected and toured almost every week by tourists who are eager to experience mysteries.

Having existed for over 9,000 years, the sacred city has been labelled by scientists as the immortal city. It’s located in Gujarat Westcoast in northwestern India.

The Sifra Crack  


Every explorer would love to dive into the crack between the North American and Eurasian continents because of the beauty of its nature but it’s assumed impossible.

It sounds odd but this is literally possible and core to the reality at the Sifra crack in Iceland’s Thingvellir National park.

It was formed several years ago in the divergent tectonic boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates. This boundary is also believed to drift about 2cm every single year. It contains one of the clearest water at its rift.

Every single year, explorers from different parts of the world visit the Sifra crack where they dive in and experience the beauty of nature.

2,400-year-old Boat in the Black Sea 

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Deep-sea explorers also discovered a sea boat believed to have sunk about 2,400 years old ago.

It was found in the Black Sea located on the Bulgarian Coast. Despite the long rage of its existence, the boat remained intact but had already shattered as captured by the deep-sea divers.

No one could tell how it survived roasting or decomposing to distinct. However, other sources disclosed that the mystery was sparked by the lack of oxygen in the Black Sea.

Love Letters From WWII 


In 2012, groups of Jewish deep-sea divers discovered 57 Love letters bounded with a pink ribbon and nestled inside a box on the shore of Sandy hook bay.

It was found just a day before Hurricane Sandy. It was love letters written by couples involved in World War II. One of the letters was discovered to be a correspondence between Dorothy Fallon and Lync Farnham.

The letter was written between 1942 and 1947. Other sources disclosed that the letters were pushed to be returned to the rightful owner but were only disbursed to the owner’s niece.

A 65-year-old plane washed in Ashore In Wales 


A US fighter plane from WWII popularly known as the maid Harlech 65 years ago crashed off the coast of Wales. The pilot survived but the fighter plane sunk and disappeared.

In 2007, it was found washed in Ashore by the big ocean in Wales. Some of Its parts were rotten while some were found intact.

It was recovered by the Authority and stored in the museum where explorers pay to adventure the beauty of human history.

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