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Signs that your talent is not in music

Signs that your talent is not in music
Signs that your talent is not in music

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The actual indication that you are not a musician is in this. To start, learning to play the guitar by viewing a YouTube video does not automatically make you a musician.

Lack of skill is the true indication that you are not a musician. We are all aspiring vocalists, but skill alone is insufficient to make someone a musician; instead, one must further their skill by becoming a professional musician. The obvious symptoms that you are an armature and not a professional are listed below.

You are an amateur musician by profession (not a professional!)


Successful musicians have careers that vary significantly from those of amateur musicians in a number of ways. The reason why professional musicians succeed in the music business is that they demand extraordinary skill from everyone who joins them. Because they accept a substandard musical career, amateur musicians are nevertheless enthusiasts.

In reality, amateur musicians will spend the majority of their time performing in groups with musicians who aren’t committed to reaching the pinnacle of achievement.

Only those in the music business who are dedicated to accomplishing this aim are able to collaborate with professional musicians.

Similar to amateur musicians, amateur musicians encounter band members, friends, or coworkers and are gloomy about their goals of musical success.

Your live performances are better suited to your room than to the audience.

Their inability to perform properly on stage is one of the most glaring indications that they are novice musicians. Stage performances and musical instruments are not enough if you want to put on successful shows that draw large crowds, sell music and merchandise, and expand your band’s reach.

Every time you play live, you should encourage the audience to applaud your friends and the quality of your band (so they can brag to you the next time you call and I’ll come to see you).

The more you perform, the quicker you and/or your band will advance to playing in small clubs, big concert halls, and ultimately stadiums and significant music festivals.

Ruin your music career

In the case that they don’t have a profession or employment chances, musicians often discuss jumping. The truth is that fear and worry prevent most people from taking advantage of the enormous opportunities that lie ahead.

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Stay away from those musicians. Don’t allow procrastination or laziness to prevent you from becoming a professional musician. Don’t allow your unwarranted fear of failure to prevent you from pursuing your ambition of a career in music, either. Make your first album, start a new band, participate in songwriting, or advance your career.

Set your most important musical objectives first, then work with your instructor to help you through each stage until you achieve them. Then, follow these important steps to enhance your musical career.

Life situations take your music career hostage

Because you work all day, it is hard to pursue a great music career if you spend your leisure time in the evenings (non-music work).

Creating a plan for a smooth change from one person to the next is one way to escape your daily routine and start a full-time music career.

For instance, you could reduce your weekly working hours from 40 to 35 and invest an additional 5 hours in a music career. The time required for both everyday employment and a music career might be further decreased by making money from music.

You decide to fulfill your musical dream but still don’t know

Listening to people who are not successful professional musicians is one of the greatest ways to end your musical career.

  • “Being a musician is not a real job.”
  • Do you want to be a rock star? Yes!
  • “All musicians are starving artists. They want to change just around the corner. “
  • “The music industry is hazardous. We need to find a safer job. “
  • “If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to finish college and play in parallel.”

In actuality, the music business is fairly secure (for those taking the right steps to make a living from music).

Actually, the majority of the dedicated professionals in the music business aren’t hungry musicians. They are utterly unknowable and have a nice existence as they deem fit.

Actually, it’s far simpler to make a lot of money in the music business than most people realize, and your income is secure. Nevertheless, many artists have heeded the negative advice of others, even those who are employed in the music business. They thus started to think that their musical aspirations were unrealistic, if not unattainable.

All you have to do to genuinely succeed as a professional musician is to pay attention to those who want to be successful.

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You really can’t make any money in the music industry

Actually, amateur musicians spend a lot of time practicing their instruments and producing their own music, but they have no idea how to actually experience it.

Musicians often spend months creating, recording, and uploading their first album. And no one knows about it. They were frustrated as a consequence, their musical careers were cut short, and they failed to make any significant attempts.

Who can have a singer’s soul?

Many people are also skilled singers and musicians. But not everyone has the spirit of a singer. To have a singer’s soul, you don’t need to be a singer or musician. No matter your age or professional career, you may be anybody in the world. In any case, you will benefit from life. Do you have the soul of a singer?

Is your music career right for you?

These are just a few indications that a professional music career could be a good fit for you. Learning to play an instrument is the first step for anybody considering a career in music, but this is only the beginning.


Do you aspire to a career in music? I’m a musician.  I made no effort. I decided to take guitar lessons after seeing my first YouTube video if I wanted to become a musician.

I have not spent the past 15 years doing this. The goal is becoming a musician. Even if you make an effort to be a good singer and a friendly person, musicians want to feel unique. If not, you can be certain that you are not a musician.


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