Smooth Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

How do you approach a girl and ask her for her number?

Smooth Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

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Smooth Ways to Get a Girl’s Number-

In this era, you still don’t know how to ask for a lady’s phone number. well not being judgy this article is going to give you tips on just how to do that.

We’ve all been there, that heart-pounding moment when you feel an honest connection with someone, and you’re eager to take the next step.

You see a girl you like and you want to make a move, but you’re stuck. Discover how to get a girl’s number without any anxiety and go from there


Play it cool

Smooth Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

Smooth Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

Ladies love cool guys and if you play it cool she will give you her real number and not just a fake one, now you don’t just go straight to demanding it, engage her in a cool conversation first, you have to make it as natural as possible.

The Genuine Interest Approach 

As I said earlier, starting with a nice conversation is an icebreaker, the conversation can be about her interests, and you have to show curiosity about her and that you are interested in her, after this you can request her number with the intention of continuing over the phone.

Don’t try to use obligation

No girl is obligated to give you her number, that you bought a drink or something else, or helped her out doesn’t mean she is automatically obligated to give you her number.

Don’t even ask for it

Sounds cliche but that’s just it when you engage a lady in a good conversation, and at the end don’t ask for her number, trust me she would want to give it to you, why? the conversation already enticed her especially when you were flirty, she would feel somehow that her number wasn’t requested as this is what makes women feel they are pretty, so she must want to give her number to you.

The Shared Interest Tactic

This method does work most of the time, when you share interests with her she would want to know more, learn more, and teach you more, so when you ask for her number with the guise of sharing updates she would give it without hesitation.

Don’t go for her friends

Ladies love it more when you request their number directly from them and not their friends, they find it annoying when men do this. They feel like you don’t have the balls to ask directly and honestly, this portrays cowardice.

Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

Give her a compliment

Ladies love compliments a lot, and they would want to hear that every day, but simple compliments about their looks, dress, or physical appearance tire them out as they hear this often. Just compliment their personality, intelligence, interests, and hobbies, and getting her number won’t be a problem.

The Event Invitation 

This is best if you meet her at an event like an exhibition, festival, concert or somewhere else like the cinema, you already know that she is interested in that, you could request her number with the intention of inviting her to a similar event.

 Don’t be clingy

If a lady wants to give you her number she will, you don’t have to remind her every 2 seconds into the conversation or ask her always if she promised you to. like I said be cool about it, be intentional and genuine and she would someday.

The 5 Stages Of A Relationship For Every Couple

Make her feel comfortable around you first

Remember you are a total stranger so you should make her comfortable with you first, you shouldn’t exhibit creepy attitudes or weird or stalkerish behaviors, ask her interesting questions about her life, hobbies, etc.


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