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Top 10 Guidelines for Music Success in 2022

Top 10 Guidelines for Music Success in 2022
Top 10 Guidelines for Music Success in 2022

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Whatever your objectives, intentions, and dreams may be, there are certain habits that everyone will benefit from forming. Success in the music business means various things to different individuals.

I’ve included my top ten success habits below to help you realize your musical goals in 2021 and beyond.

Here is a list of the top 10 strategies to be successful in the music business in 2021 (or any year, for that matter)!
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Number One in the Top Ten Music Industry Success Tips: Quantity over quality

Run the tap till the filthy water flows clean, to quote Ed Sheeran. This implies that you must produce a lot of music before the excellent stuff begins to flow. It is comparable to Malcolm Gladwell’s well-known 10,000-hour rule, which claims that mastery of a skill requires 10,000 hours of effort. Although I believe there are methods to reduce this amount of time—mentorship and course participation are two of them—the overall concept is sound.

Additionally, if you start and complete numerous songs fast (rather than spending six months obsessing over one song), you’ll increase the amount of experience you have writing each song’s individual elements. For example, six songs done implies six bass lines, six drum patterns, six melodies, etc.

Create a high production habit right away (you can do it with the aid of my free Ultimate Speed Writing Cheat Sheet).

2. Create music that you like, not music that you believe others would enjoy.

Chasing fame and attention instead of producing music that speaks to your heart is a simple trap to slip into. However, it’s a win-win scenario if you constantly create music that you like (or at least aim to). Yes, it might be unpleasant if no one else loves it, but at least you got what you wanted out there and had fun doing it. There’s a good probability that neither you nor anybody else will enjoy it if you only attempt to keep up with the newest fashion.

It makes sense to have fun when working on music since it takes a lot of time.

3. Maintain consistency – This is essential!

In the music business, success depends on being consistent. You’ll lose whatever momentum or following you may have built if you put out a few songs, then nothing for a year. It’s critical to continue showing up and putting in the effort. It’s also a good idea to have three or more full songs ready for release so you always have a few months of breathing room, if necessary, where you can keep producing music.

4. Create procedures that will help you develop strong writing habits while setting objectives.

I’m just as guilty as everyone else of setting lofty objectives. I really believe in the value of having goals, but without a plan for achieving them, they may just serve as a bitter reminder of what you haven’t accomplished.

Goals are attained via the development of excellent habits, and systems that support those habits are attained (I don’t advise leaning too much on willpower since it wears out!).

An example would be:

  • Goal: To complete two tracks per month.
  • Creating for two hours each day, five days a week is a habit.

System: Set your alarm at 5:45 am every day, and inform anybody who needs to be informed that you will be unavailable from 6 to 8 am, Monday through Friday. Each morning, spend those two hours in your studio and put your phone away so it won’t interrupt you.

Feel free to treat yourself to a pizza, a drink, or another pleasure on Friday!

Check out my book here for additional information on how to become an insanely productive musician.

5. Invest your time in creating rather than your money in plugins.

While new plugins sometimes inspire us, we often purchase them in the hopes that they would “fix” our music. Not at all. You’ll be astounded by the professional sound you can create if you fully understand the standard plugins that come with your DAW. Additionally, you’ll discover the restrictions of those standard plugins, allowing you to purchase a new premium third-party plugin with purpose in mind.

6. Convert the users who follow you on social media to email subscribers.

A few years back, I had a challenging lesson when I submitted a remix on Soundcloud and received over 20,000 followers (that I had permission to upload from the original artist). I lost all of my followers overnight when Soundcloud terminated my account for flagging it as a copyright violation. Oh my, it hurt SO MUCH.

The takeaway? If you use a tool like Mailchimp or Active campaign to gather the email addresses of your followers, that list is yours. You cannot lose it to anybody.

Then, you may utilize that email list to communicate with your followers about your music, and market items, inform them of forthcoming performances, etc.

You won’t regret beginning to establish an email list as soon as you can, even if you’re just getting started.

7. Make a contribution to the field of music creation.

The music business is all about connections! Reaching out to like-minded individuals online is a terrific approach to start developing relationships since music creation may be a lonely endeavor.

Try providing as well instead of just asking and getting; someone could genuinely appreciate it. Here are a few areas where you may begin to network.


Ask inquiries since individuals love to assist you, but keep in mind to also provide answers or links to the information you believe other producers may find valuable.

Be bold!

Don’t allow your fear of negative feedback to keep you from sharing your music. You WILL sometimes face criticism… That is crucial, and it is totally acceptable.

Three categories of criticism exist:

1. Positive.

when you get comments regarding your music from knowledgeable individuals. This is important for development and merits attention.

2. Deceptive.

This is where you ask your grandmother whether she likes your obscene, X-rated, industrial drum ‘n’ bass music that samples porn. A warning: She doesn’t. Similar to this, if you ask a buddy who exclusively listens to Norwegian Death Metal whether they like your Deep House music, odds are good that they won’t. Not because it’s bad; but just because it doesn’t suit their tastes. So ask the appropriate individuals for their opinion.

3. corrosive.

from bigots and trolls. Although it stings, try to keep in mind that it isn’t truly personal. Move on, delete, and block. It’s coming from individuals you don’t know, and they’re probably angry at you because they’re either a) envious of what you’re attempting to do with your life or b) dissatisfied with their own situation.

When you acknowledge that you cannot succeed without criticism, it becomes somewhat easier to handle when it (inevitably) occurs.

9. Have fun; it will come over in your music.

This is vital! Keep in mind that you began this journey out of a passion for music and production while you work toward your vision of musical success. Life is too short not to appreciate producing music, so feel the love, darling.

10. Take care of yourself

Quite clear, yet simple to overlook. Be careful not to cane it too hard or too often, and maintain good health. If you’re not always exhausted, making music is a lot simpler. Yes, a few drinks and a few big nights out may be quite motivating, but if you do it too often or frequently enough, you won’t have the stamina to compose your own music.

Oh, and for loud concerts, premium earplugs are a need! Tinnitus is not and never will be your buddy while making music.

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