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Ways to Be a Good Son

What are the roles of being a son?

Ways to Be a Good Son

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Ways to Be a Good Son

Being a good son comes with lots of benefits you get to be respected and cherished by your parents, and your siblings too would love to emulate and look up to you young or older ones.

Spend time with your parents

It may seem hectic and stressful coupled with the fact that you are a busy person, might be work, studies or other things, but try to spend some quality time with them when you can, when I say quality time I mean like hours and not few minutes then you dash out, take them out or watch movie at home.

Talk to your parents

Just because you are not around them you won’t talk to them, call them as frequently as you can, even if you stay with them don’t just ignore them and when you discuss don’t limit it to certain topics, you should share your struggles, everything that is going on in your life, and everything you can don’t hesitate to ask for their help and advice.


The most important of them all is to love your parents and let them know you love them, make sure they feel loved and remind them you do love them, there is no greater happiness than parents knowing their child loves them.

Bond with your parents

You can still spend ti,e with them and feel disconnected, you have to find a way to bond with your parents to help you relate more with them.

Be Responsible 

It gladdens the heart of your parents when you are a responsible son, you don’t have to make them worry always with incessant troubles, ending up in jail, and not having responsibilities that you should, by being responsible you are making them happy and living longer and also make you look responsible enough to handle things in their absence.

 Listen to your parents

You should listen to your parents when they talk and say things, you don’t have to be strong-headed about everything they say, listening to them shows that you respect them and this will also make them respect you too.

Express gratitude

Your parents did almost everything for you right from birth, it can be easy to forget this under the guise of growing up, but you shouldn’t you should show gratitude if not verbally you cns with actions, getting gifts for them and other ways that can pass your gratitude to them.

Study well 

You have to show them that their money isn’t going to waste, focus on your studies and have good results, this is a consolation to the money they are struggling to make and pay for your fees, it is also an assurance that you have a good future so you can take care of them too.

Be helpful

Don’t always be a liability always, offer in the ways you can, sending them money, doing some chores, and many other things that make you useful to them Do things at home without being asked or scolded to do it.

Apologize when you’ve made a mistake

You can’t be perfect as a son but for the little shortcomings and mistakes you make sure to apologize for them and don’t feel narcissistic about them, don’t feel the mistake is too small to apologize for because you mightn’t know how much it hurt your parents, apologize for no matter how big or small the mistake is ad try not to repeat the mistake again.

In conclusion

Being a good son isn’t as easy as it sounds, it comes with lots of dedication and sacrifices, at the end of the day you are a human, if you do your best you can achieve it



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