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11 Ways to gently reject someone who has a crush on you

How do you smartly reject someone?

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Ways to gently reject someone who has a crush on you – 

Rejecting someone isn’t easy especially if you know how it feels to be rejected.

The intensity of the pain depends on how the rejection was served, if you have someone who is crushing on you and you don’t know how to reject them because you fear they might be sad and heartbroken then this article is for you,

In this article, You will get tips on how to gently turn down a crush, irrespective of the fact they might feel hurt, you still have to do so to give them closure, but do it politely.

Be Direct

Beating about the bush when rejecting a crush will just make them feel you are not sure yet and they would decide to give you time hoping you’d accept them, you should be firm and direct and also don’t sugarcoat it especially when they are stubborn.

However, be Polite and not rude, also know you don’t have to explain your reasons.

Don’t console them with regular complements and conversations

After the rejection, you don’t get to compliment them or do things that would make them think there might still be a chance, give them space to heal and get over the crush.

Make things platonic

If in any sort of way things were on another level that made them think in another direction, then you have to cut down on those things, try to remind them always that it is just a platonic friendship and you want nothing more.

This should be done kindly and said politely.

Prepare Yourself

Like I said earlier, the pain of rejection depends on how it was served. you have to be prepared in all ramifications, your speech and choice of words, and your mental health most importantly, you have to be prepared mentally to control your feelings especially if you are hot-tempered so as not to burst out during the rejection which might happen if the person is stubborn an adamant.

Keep It Simple

There is no logical reason for you to keep going on and on with your speech, the shorter the better. The conversation isn’t a date night so none of you want to be there, Get it over with ASAP and go.

Don’t drag things out too much

Don’t make them wait as it will hurt them much worse when in the end you’d say no, it’s better not to drag it out just give your final answer immediately if it’s no say no so they don’t have hope of you accepting.

Don’t be too available

If you keep being available then you make things complicated as they tend to keep confusing your availability as being interested.

If your availability happened to cause the crush in the first place then I think you should cut down on it.

Do It Face to face

In as much as a quick rejection text sounds better and easier as you don’t get to face them and see the hurt it is actually a bad idea.

You have to say it to them physically so they can see your facial reaction and how serious you are about it, they might think the rejection text was a mistake or you were drunk and won’t take it seriously.

Don’t Mention Physical Traits

You don’t have to mention physical traits in your rejection as the rejection itself hurts so don’t add to it by saying ‘I’m not attracted to you physically because of this and that’ Even if that’s true don’t say it, you are talking to a human being with feelings.

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Show your maturity and respect to the person

You don’t go around telling people about it and making fun of the person, don’t reject them publicly making them make fun of your crush, do it privately and maturely so they feel respected.

Stick With “I” Statements

You don’t get to blame them as they aren’t sinners for crushing, don’t make them feel they are at fault, make them know that you are responsible for what you feel and your reason and not them.

Like “I’m rejecting you because you talk too much,” or “I’m not attracted to you physically,” try a gentler technique, like saying something like this instead: “Over time our attractions seem to have taken us in diverse directions. I will always cherish the friendship we shared, but I think it’s time for me to move on now.”


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