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100 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

positive pregnancy affirmations

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100 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations-

Positive affirmations can be simple and also have an effective way to boost self-esteem, self-confidence and overall positivity, ideal for use in pregnancy and facing a child’s birth.

Even when negative statements come in, try to replace them with positive ones such as “I have a natural ability to give birth easily” Or “I welcome my baby with love and happiness.

Here are some positive affirmations you can say to yourself (pregnant mother) will boost your confidence and eliminate your fears at every opportunity.

  • My Pregnancy suits me perfectly
  • I eat nourishing healthy foods so help my baby to grow
  • You are a strong, courageous woman and am ready for my baby.
  • My baby is safe and loved
  • I welcome the changes in my body
  • Instead of fighting my changing body, I welcome it with gratitude. It’s bringing me my baby.
  • My body is doing what it needs to for my baby. I can listen to what my body asks of me.
  • My partner and I are in this together. We will shift and adjust as a team.
  • My heart knows what my baby needs, my mind is learning
  • You are going to be a wonderful mother.
  • Each contraction means I am closer to meeting my baby.
  • You are creating a nurturing environment for your baby.
  • My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time
  • I am gratitude for the availability of medical interventions to support me and my baby.
  • My baby and I are a team.
  • I am open and accept my pregnancy experience
  • I have a beautiful baby
  • I accept my labor and birth.
  • I know how to take care of my baby.
  • I will make plenty of breast milk for my baby.
  • I can notice and appreciate what my body is capable of.
  • I breathe in positivity and send it to my growing baby.
  • You are doing everything you can for yourself and your baby.
  • My baby’s head fits snugly into my pelvis.
  • My body knows when to give birth.
  • My pregnant body is beautiful.​

For Labour and Birth

  • I have a natural ability to give birth easily
  • I am a strong and capable woman
  • I trust my body to know how to birth my child
  • I trust my instincts to know what I need in labour
  • I trust my labour
  • My body knows how to birth my baby
  • I accept this labour as my labour and believe it is the right one for me and for my baby
  • My baby knows all is well
  • Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world
  • I embrace the concept of healthy pain
  • I am strong, confident assured and assertive
  • I love and accept my body completely
  • I accept all my feelings as part of myself
  • My baby is perfectly positioned for every stage of labour
  • My body knows how and when to give birth
  • I breathe correctly to ease tension
  • Every breath I take is making me more relaxed
  • I welcome my baby with love and happiness
  • My labour will be perfect for me and my baby

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New born Parenting

  • I am a dedicated and loving mother
  • I love my baby unconditionally
  • I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby
  • I will have a strong and healthy baby
  • My baby is happy and healthy.
  • My life is in perfect balance
  • I love my baby my baby loves me
  • My baby is safe and secure
  • I love all my children
  • My breasts were made to breastfeed and produce an excellent supply of milk for my babies
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