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How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

How do I stop mentally obsessing over someone?

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone – 

Getting over your obsession with someone isn’t as easy as it sounds but with determination and letting go you will, you’ve got this.

But no matter how much you obsess over someone, it doesn’t make the pain go away. You can’t manipulate how other people feel or react to a situation.

There are many reasons why you can obsess over someone, maybe they hurt you, you don’t like them, revenge or an ex you can’t get over.

This article will give you the tips you need to overcome this obsession.

Focus on yourself instead

When you obsess over someone you often lose yourself in the process as you spend time trying to find ways and focus all your interests on the person, if you are ready to move on and stop obsessing you should focus on yourself and try to rebuild yourself, you can do this by eating healthy, catching up on things you missed out on, Give yourself some inner peace and let yourself heal.

Avoid things that remind you of them

You can’t move on if you keep seeing things that trigger you, you have to avoid and remove things that make you remember them, like pictures, and phone numbers, unfollow their socials, and more importantly, stop thinking about them.

Getting Help

Maybe you can’t do it yourself, so it is better to get help from a friend or professional and get treatments that depend on your diagnosis, going to therapy sessions too.

You can also seek help from a counselor.

Take them off their pedestal

When we are Inlove it is too easy to overcome their flaws, take some time and remember all their flaws, no one is perfect but you have to do this for yourself right?

Pointing out their flaws can make you view them realistically, but this doesn’t mean you have to convince and view them as a bad person.

Spend more time with friends 

Friends and family love you and you love them back, so if you spend your time with them, having fun and trying new things, you will see that there is lots of good thing in life and this takes your mind off them, relieve your pain, heals you, and gives you peace of mind you needed.

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Focus on the present to ground yourself

Once you start getting drowned in those obsessive thoughts you should take a deep breath to calm yourself and bring yourself back to reality, if it is hard you can find a therapy to help do that once you start drifting, it can be words, songs, or recitation.

Do not let their opinions define who you are

If you are obsessed with someone whose opinions affect you then you should stop letting what they say affect you, maybe you have been obsessed with trying to get their opinion about you to turn positive, to say nice things to you, and to impress them but it’s time to stop and let go.

 Accept what is

If you are upset with someone who hurt you or someone you are not ready to let go of yet, it is time to accept the past and move on, it is time to accept there is nothing you can do about it and it has already happened, accept you can’t change the person who hurt you or bring back the one who left.

Focusing on accomplishing goals can distract you from an obsession

The goals you set for your life? it is time to achieve it, on your journey to accomplish those goals you won’t even remember your obsession, this will help distract you while you heal.

Realize that you don’t need them in your life

When you crush on someone you think you can’t do without in your life like an ex, partner, or friend, it is time to realize you don’t need them in your life and can absolutely do fine without them.

In conclusion

Obsession is deadly and needs to be overcome, to whoever is reading this article trying to overcome their obsession, you’ve got this. With determination and strong will, you will.

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