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Should I Propose before or after Dinner?

Is it better to propose before dinner or after?

Should I Propose before or after Dinner

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Should I Propose before or after Dinner?

Many people want to propose over a romantic dinner but do not know when is the right time for them, if you are here for that well this article will give you the pros and cons of each time it is left for you to decide which you find suitable

Pros of Proposing Before Dinner

  • You get to celebrate the good news throughout the meal

If you were to propose before dinner the happiness would lead through the rest of the dinner, the excitement and plans for the future, in fact, the dinner will be more different than the previous ones.

  •  Anticipation And Excitement

The choice of proposing before dinner makes you bubble in excitement and anticipation, making you more romantic and eager to plan the dinner date well, and the thrill will make the proposal more emotional.

  • You can invite an audience

proposing beforehand will help you prepare friends and family from both sides if needed, the audience will help cheer the mood.

  • You have less time to feel nervous about popping the question

You don’t have to be nervous throughout the dinner, you might not even enjoy the food out of anxiety, proposing before dinner helps you to get it over with and feel relaxed afterward.

Cons of Proposing Before Dinner

  • The whole restaurant will be in your business

Trust me the entire restaurant’s attention will be on you, this will be a bad idea if your partner is a low-key type of person and doesn’t like attention, the pressure of the attention can make your partner shy away from the proposal.

  • Lack of Intimate Setting

Unless you booked out the whole restaurant before dinner won’t be the perfect timing if you are aiming for a romantic setting, I mean the restaurant is a public setting and of course bustling with activities of people trooping in and out and the waiters walking around, in fact, the proposal might turn out being chaotic and not the intended romantic.

  • You won’t be able to focus on the food

Excitement about the successful proposal might end up making you not enjoy the dinner because something huge just went down already.

  • If they say no, things can get awkward fast

If your partner were to reject your proposal, the rest of the dinner would be spoilt and wasted money if you have paid or ordered the food too, you won’t stay to eat the food if it happens to come early because you would want to leave the restaurant out of embarrassment and heartbreak.

  • Interruption And Distraction 

Distractions from all ramifications will disrupt your concentration, and you might not know another couple may have planned a proposal too, imagine gathering the courage to propose and something interrupts the whole thing.

Proposing after Dinner: Pros & Cons

  • You can savor your meal and build up to the moment

you can actually propose after having a nice dinner, and while at that set the mood for it by discussing and reliving old memories

this will help for the perfect proposal mood, also you would want your partner to be filled and not hungry during the proposal.

  • Setting

It doesn’t matter if the proposal comes before or after dinner, what really matters is the setting, you can set up a very nice location and make it romantic and perfect for your proposal, you can set it up closer to the venue of the dinner date and walk down the place while the food settles down, the calmness that comes with the walk and location is going to make room for a nice proposal.

  • If your partner rejects you, you can end the day

Funny enough you get to go home peacefully if your partner rejects your proposal, you don’t get to have an awkward dinner afterward or go home hungry out of embarrassment and heartbreak.

  • Ending on a Romantic Note

For this to happen you have to propose after dinner, of course, it can be possible if you propose before dinner but then the excitement must have faded away much during the dinner period, the fresh excitement comes when the proposal is done afterward.

Cons of Proposing After Dinner

  • Nerves might affect your ability to enjoy your dinner

It is absolutely normal to feel anxious while planning a proposal but you don’t want to lose your appetite along the run as this might make the proposal come out wrong from different emotions like anxiety, nervousness, and being scared, so it is better to just do it right before the dinner starts and have a relaxed mind.

  • Late Evening Fatigue

Normally you feel less energetic after eating not to mention an evening meal, you and your partner might feel tired after dinner and the enthusiasm and excitement won’t be there any longer.

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