Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Value You

How do you know if your husband doesn't value you?

Signs Your Husband Doesn't Value You

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Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Value You –

Do you feel undervalued and disrespected? but you don’t know if that’s the case As a woman being valued and respected are what make you happy, especially by your partner, If you’re searching for signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore, this article is going to help you.

Signs Your Husband Doesn't Value You

Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Value You

Communication Issues

In as much as communication helps in creating a strong relationship, a lack of it destroys a relationship. If your husband struggles and doesn’t communicate with you that means he doesn’t value you and is not in love anymore or at all.

You give more than you get back

.Without realizing it, you give more than you get back. you are always on the giving end and won’t receive any, be it love, affection, or care, if you don’t receive back your husband doesn’t value you because if he does trust me he is going to give much more than you do,

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He just isn’t interested in what’s going on in your life

Your husband should be interested in what’s happening in your life, a man who loves and cares for you should be, he usually asks how your day went,  your business growth, your goals, and your welfare and all of a sudden stops asking, Sis he doesn’t care, love and value you anymore.

He doesn’t listen to you

When you speak he doesn’t listen, he either zones out, interrupts every second, walks out, or does something else, he just makes you feel invincible and like you don’t exist, he doesn’t listen to your needs and concerns too.

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Your Husband “Forgets” Big Events or Relationship Milestones

When he forgets events like your birthdays, appointments, plans, date nights, and even anniversaries, and claims to be too busy to remember or fake remembrance then he doesn’t value or love you anymore.

The worst is when he remembers that of others like his friends, family, and his but not yours or anything relating to you. even when you do remind him he doesn’t take it seriously.

 Lack of respect when speaking to you

From his tone and words, you can tell when he disregards and speaks rudely to you, a partner who speaks to you rudely and with disregard doesn’t value you and doesn’t care how you feel or how it would affect you.

Lack of respect when speaking to you

Lack of respect when speaking to you

No Effort in Shared Responsibilities

If he leaves all the responsibilities for you and wouldn’t care to help or offer to do some, then he doesn’t love or care about you, like taking care of the kids, cooking doing laundry, doing house chores, going to work and he does nothing to help.

No Effort in Shared Responsibilities

No Effort in Shared Responsibilities

He ignores your feelings

When you feel angry, sad, upset, or hurt and he doesn’t acknowledge these feelings of yours or respond to them, he always overlooks and makes you feel invalid or like you are overreacting, or overly sensitive.

He is ignoring you

There is nothing more hurtful than your partner ignoring you or acting like you don’t exist, he ignores your text messages, calls, and physical questions too, he doesn’t update you about his whereabouts, plans, and others, this is just your clue to know you are not on his mind.

Your Husband Never Asks for Your Advice or Opinion

When he does this especially when he knows it will affect you also, and when it bites back he will blame you. he doesn’t ask for your advice knowing fully well he needs it he just goes ahead and does what he wants without considering you or your opinion, and even when you tend to find out and put in your opinion he won’t consider it because he feels it doesn’t matters.

In conclusion

If your partner does all of these, you should know there is no good reason to make you feel less, undervalued, disrespected, and invalid. Your husband was meant to be your supporter, your number one cheerleader and not otherwise, Dear women, nobody has the right to make you feel this way, know your worth!!! call your husband out and tell him how you feel, and if nothing changes, you know what to do.


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