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stupid things you do when you start liking someone

What happens when you start liking someone?

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stupid things you do when you start liking someone –

It is very common to do some stupid things when you start liking someone, you are not weird most people do that and more people will still do it,

Love is a very strong emotion that drives people to act out of themselves, well this article is going to give you a list of things you do when you are crushing or start liking someone, if you are confused this article will help you.


Yes, you start stalking them physically and on social media to know their every and next move, to know where they are going to be or where they normally go to maybe to rest so you can also go there, you check their social media to also get updates about their relationship status.

Expecting a call or message all the time

This happens when you start liking someone whom you are familiar with, you always expect their calls and messages, and your eyes are glued to your phone, whenever a call or message enters you rush to check, and when it’s them you start laughing and become happy but if it isn’t them you get angry and sad. Most of the time, you’d leave everything you are doing to attend to their call.

Awkward Flirting

You’d turn it into a habit to flirt anytime you are around a person like a 12-year-old being in love for the first time, most of the time you appear cringe and they’d think you are mentally unstable.

Dressing to Impress

You improve your dressing just to please them, you might even change a whole wardrobe to look nice always especially when you will meet them, the worst is when you change your style for them to the type you think they find attractive.

Have a different ringtone for that person

You have a different ringtone for them so you will never miss their call and know when they are the one calling, the ringtone itself must be romantic according to you and adorable whereas others find it embarrassing.

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Mentioning them in every conversation

You always mention them in every conversation you have, your conversation isn’t complete without mentioning their name, it starts and ends with it, and 80% of the conversation is about them.

Getting tongue-tied when your crush greets you

Don’t be embarrassed it has happened to most people, no matter how fluently you speak you are always speechless when your crush speaks to you, most of the time you just mope at them and sometimes you won’t want to speak afraid of embarrassing yourself in their presence.

Overexaggerating with the Assumptions

You overexaggerate everything they do towards you like smiling at you, greeting you, or showing you a bit of care, then you assume they like you back.

Forcing yourself to have similar interests

Just to impress them you force yourself to like their interests even if you don’t like them, like a hobby, food, or activities. when you force yourself to have similar interests you will always like to engage with them on topics of that interest just to get them to like you and impress them too.

You know more about your crush than anyone else

If an exam should be set about your crush, you’d definitely top with flying colors, you know everything about them within a short period of time, from their favorite food/TV shows, hobbies, interests, the school they attend in fact everything.

In conclusion

If you fall into any category above, then no need to be embarrassed as everyone has, will, or is passing through that too.

That is all for this article if you find it useful share it with a friend who you think is passing through the same.

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